SX Pro VS. R4s Dongle VS. AceNS, which one to choose for hacking Nintendo Switch 6.0?

Recently a new dongle available at the market, it’s named AceNS released by It’s a Xecuter team-like SX Gear product that also includes a USB dongle, a Jig and a cable. As a reminder, we previously presented another similar dongle is R4s team r4i-sdhc. And currently the most requested dongle is probably the SX Pro, so if compared the three dongles, which is the best to choose for Nintendo Switch 6.0 hack?

AceNS, the new CFW loader on the Switch

We have in the early days introduced the announcement of the new product of, in a previous blog. And today we repeat here the features of AceNS dongle:

  • Works on all versions of the Nintendo Switch system.
  • Directly supports payload.bin, Maximum 6 payloads.
  • 3 integrated payloads: ATMOSPHERE, REINX and SX OS, easy to change by pressing the button.
  • Easy Manager-It will immediately be recognized as a USB flash drive when connecting to the PC.
  • Good compatibility, supports Windows, Mac OS and LINUX systems.
  • Firmware updated.

According to the description, acens is still a pretty competitive dongle thanks to its compatibility of 6 different payloads of which 3 are pre-installed! But for the moment, we do not know if it’s well built and compatible with Nintendo Switch 6.0.0. For the info, the official website has presented us a video about functional acens on Nintendo Switch, to watch here.

SX Pro VS. R4s Dongle VS. AceNS, what is the best USB dongle?

Relatively we know better the sx pro and r4s, especially sx pro, it is the first dongle available on Nintendo Switch and also the best so far. Then the dongle r4s came out with a cheaper price and a stronger compatibility, and then here is acens, it seems more powerful than r4s, so is it true? We will see the differences in the table below:

SX Pro R4s Dongle AceNS
CFW supported SX OS SX OS,ReiNX,Hekate,



Atmosphère and more

FW Nintendo Switch 6.0.0 or lower 6.0.0 or lower 6.0.0 or lower
Integrated payload SX OS Non SX OS,ReiNX,Atmosphère
Package Content Dongle, Jig, Cable Dongle, Jig, Cable Dongle, Jig, Cable
Ease of use Simple Difficult Difficult
Product quality Super Seems fragile Normal
Size of the dongle Compact  Normal Large
Button Not Yes Yes
MAJ firmware  Regular, sx os 2.0 Not firmware Not firmware
Price $54.80 $36 $20

Conclusion: if we have to choose a better dongle among the three products, the champion will still be the Xecuter SX Pro. Why? Because the SX Pro dongle is well built and the only one that contains a pre-installed CFW. In addition, its technology is the most mature and advanced since the Xecuter team is very responsive to provide technical support. While the dongle r4s is an empty dongle, acens is equipped with 3 payloads but we do not know if it works well.

As we have pointed out sometimes, the SX Pro is a complete kit to hack its Nintendo Switch, but the dongle r4s, acens or even the SX Gear are only a dongle to inject the payload and then you will have access to install the CFW different.

If you are an expert player, an empty dongle like r4s is enough but if you are not computer savvy and worry about bricking or ban your Switch, it is better to choose the Xecuter SX Pro is brand of trust and ultimate hack switch solution !!!