SX Pro/SX OS releasing date confirmed, which site to buy for getting it on 15th June?

Xecuter SX OS will be delivered on 15th June, that is just confirmed by Team Xecuter, but when will the SX Pro be shipped out? Which is a safe and fast site to buy the Xecuter SX Pro after the formal releasing news, here you can get answers. We SKY-3DS.COM will begin to send SX OS codes to Customers on 15th or 16th and get SX Pro from TX on 15th and the following days.

Xecuter SX OS/PRO Releasing Date

Please find final product & packaging pictures with this announcement. This is from one of the 100 review samples that will be shipped this week. If you are on the review copies list, you do not need to email us: We will send you tracking once shipped.

For reseller information, the packaging dimension and weight with product and cable: Weight: 30g. Dimensions: 10*7*1.4cm

We want to confirm that SX OS official launch date is June 15th. Remember this is the day we ship units to vendors, so your own tracking number from the reseller will be a few days later. Also, because this is very large product launch, we can’t deliver all preordered units on D-day. If you placed your order late, you might have to wait a week more for your distributor to receive more stocks after he clears its first preorders.

We are working 24/7 right now to make the delay to deliver all preorders as short as possible.

As usual, a few Q&A that came back regularly:

  • Q: Is SX affected by the dreaded “battery desync” problem?

    A: As far as we are aware this battery desync problem currently only occurs when running Linux on your Switch.

    While extensively testing SX OS, including booting SX OS with AutoRCM we have not ran into a single battery desync issue ourselves.

    SX OS itself isn’t based on Linux. We *do* allow people to run Linux (and other payloads) through our “external payload” functionality. This is at your own risk.

    If we had to give the community a hint as to where to start looking into this “battery desync” problem we’d suggest looking into how the Fuel Gauge IC (MAX17050, I2C1 addr 36) is being used by Nintendo’s OS and by Linux.

  • Q: If I boot in OFW mode and play my original purchased game online, am I safe?

    A: Yes, you are safe to play original games online in OFW mode.

  • Q: Does SX OS plays the original games in CFW mode?

    A: Yes, it does.

  • Q: If I download eShop games to an SD card, can I also run SX OS on that card? Or do I need separate cards for Nintendo eShop games and SX OS games?

    A: You can use the same SD card.

Next week, the first reviews will be online, we are sure they will be excellent as we expect!

Where is the safe and fast place to buy SX Pro for getting the first batch?

There are some choice to buy Xecuter SX Pro and OS on the market, but a legit site is the best choice, site is the reliable site to purchase Xecuter SX Pro.

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Which site can ship Xecuter SX Pro out on 15th of June?

From 15th to 17th, SKY-3DS.COM will get the Xecuter SX Pro/SX OS from Team Xecuter. And we will have more and more Xecuter flashcarts in stock in the following days. So if you pre-order the SX Pro from us, you can get the SX Pro or SX OS earlier. Just don’t miss the Time and Chance!

If you also wonder to know when you can receive it from US, cause we support multiple shipment, you should check our Shipping Time and Service below.

  • Free shipping: 2 to 4 weeks, if the sale date is 15th June, you choose Free Shipping, it means the date you receive Xecuter SX Pro will between the end of June and mid-July.
  • USPS: ship from the US. it will take 5 to 7 working days. if you are an America player, you can enjoy the local service and receive the Xecuter SX pro before the end of June.
  • DHL: 3 to 5 working days, from HK. The best price and speed, you can receive the Xecutre SX Pro within a week, sale date is 15th, maybe you can get the card at next week, so cool.