SX Tools|Is it a copy for NXLoader and how to use it to install SX OS on Switch?

A new updated form Team Xecuter, SX Tools has been released, it’s for players who install SX OS with an Android Phone. So, What’s the SX Tools? What’s the features of SX Tools? How to use SX Tools on your Android Phone? Following this article, you can find the deatiled information and guides on the below.

What’s the news of SX Tools?

Team Xecuter has just released a new utility to launch SX OS from an Android smartphone. There is nothing exceptional about it, even if the proposal can be nice, the stupor comes from the fact that it is only a copy of NXLoader.

If you want an easy way to use SX OS and have trouble understanding how to select the payload, then SX Tools is for you. No need to download the SX loader payload and manually select it from the app.

  1. Install the apk to an OTG capable android phone.
  2. Connect the Switch to the phone.
  3. On the first use, the app will ask for permission to “use USB device” when the Switch is connected. Check the “Use by default…” and press “OK”
  4. SX OS will boot now.

That’s it. You don’t even need to open the app to use it. Just install it and connect the Switch. Even when the phone is locked, it will work.

Is it a copy for NXLoader?

What is NXLoader?

NXLoader is a launcher for Fusée Gelée exploits by David Buchanan for your Android phone that doesn’t even need root! In other words, running hacks on your Switch no longer needs a computer thanks to USB-OTG and this piece of software.

As opposed to the web launcher, this doesn’t need an internet connection so it’s a step-up from the web-based launcher which also works on Android.

Currently, NXLoader can only launch Fusée Gelée payload files on your Switch, such as the famous fusee.bin that you’ve been seeing all over the internet. This is still an early release but the developer is planning to add the following in future releases:

  • Support for Linux so you won’t need a PC to kickstart your favourite Linux distro on the Switch! – This, coupled with the various emulators available for Linux can make your Switch the ultimate portable console for retro gaming, taking the crown from the PSVita!
  • A better UI and user experience.
  • Code improvements so that it’s less hacky.

What’s the valuable SX Product to hack Nintedno Switch?

There is no doubt that SX Pro and SX Gear are the best choose. SX Pro is the fist SX Product for hacking switch to play free games by Team Xecuter, After SX Pro released out, the hottest topic about the SX Product’s features. The SX Pro is a USB-C dongle that is a plug and play solution to injecting the necessary RCM payload to boot into custom firmware. It comes loaded with an SX OS license that is tied to your console and stored on your microSD card. So technically, an SX Pro dongle can be used with multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, but each console will need to have an SX OS license in order to play Switch backups. Without the SX Pro dongle you’ll need a PC+USB-C cable or Android+OTG to inject the payload to your Switch every time it is rebooted. With the SX Pro this process becomes very versatile and portable.

The SX OS is simply just the custom firmware itself. In order to be able to play Switch game backups, it needs to be activated with a license that is checked against Team Executor’s servers. The activation process can be done online via your Switch or offline with a PC. If SX OS is not activated, it can only be used to play Switch homebrew.

Recently, SX Gear has been released, SX Gear is made of the SX Gear USB dongle and RCM jig as well as the SX Pro. However, it’s an empty SX Gear dongle, so it’s much cheaper and can be used on different Nintendo Switch consoles. The Xecuter SX Gear is currently in Pre-order status,

Pros Cons
Team Executor provides support and constant updates Possibility of being banned from online
SX Pro/SX Gear dongle are plug and play and portable No emunand support yet
Support for newest party payloads No way to make backups of your cartridges yet
Great game and homebrew compatibility
Hardware exploit ensures a future proof exploit (for current switch model)



In short, despite having more and more free methods to crack Ninendo Switch, we can not guarantee all the security. The risk of ban still exists once you have hacked your console.  SX Pro, SX Gear and SX OS are included in “SX Family” to hack Nintendo Switch for playing fress Nintendo Switch games on any firmware. At, SX Pro and SX OS are in stock, SX Gear need to pre-order now. Purchasing from us, we will provide prefect customer service to you, and if you want to buy any flashcard on our site, plase contact with us, you can get the voucher code to buy it with a valuable price! Shipping from USA and EU, we will ship it out with 24 hours and give the tracking number to you. We support credit card and paypal payment, is the legit site to purrchase flashcard. Do not hesitate, just choose us.