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The Magical 3ds card you Won’t Believe but Exist

Are you dreaming of playing free Nintendo 3ds game? Do you want to have the chance to get a Magical 3DS Card to play Hundreds of 3ds games on 3DS or NEW 3DS device? Here in this post, I'd like to introduce you the Current Hottest 3DS Card(flashcard)-Sky3ds plus. It lets you play Free, Multiple, […]

10.5 Update|Which sky3ds version is not blocked by 3DS/N3DS 10.5.0?

Another 3DS Update is coming, now we have the newest 10.5.0-30 3DS Firmware. For those who are not sure 3ds cards Sky3ds support 3ds games on 10.5.0 or not? I will show you the Video on Blue Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ playing 3DS Games on 10.5.0-30U firmware and instruct you to choose the right version Sky3ds […]

Where to buy orange button Sky3ds+ in New York or other city in USA?

Looking for a store or site to buy Sky3ds+ card in USA? Whatever you live in any city in United State,such as New York, Washington, Chicago, Houston and so on, you can purchase orange button sky3ds+ card from our site SKY-3DS.COM. We will ship card out from USA locally and use USPS to send your […]

2016 3DS Card-Sky3ds+, Dstwo Plus or Gateway 3ds, which is the best?

For the upcoming year 2016, which is the best 3ds flashcard to buy, sky3ds+, gateway 3ds or dstwo plus items, if you can’t decide which to choose, let me help you here. 3DS Card SKY3DS+ SKY3DS+ also called SKY3DS Plus is the third version SKY3DS card from sky3ds.com. The new card with better functions and […]