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The Magical 3ds card you Won’t Believe but Exist

Are you dreaming of playing free Nintendo 3ds game? Do you want to have the chance to get a Magical 3DS Card to play Hundreds of 3ds games on 3DS or NEW 3DS device? Here in this post, I'd like to introduce you the Current Hottest 3DS Card(flashcard)-Sky3ds plus. It lets you play Free, Multiple, […]

Wiki R4 3DS and SKY3DS+ for Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL in NA and Europe

If you are the Nintendo 3ds or ds game player, but still not the R4 3DS and 3DS Card owner. Don't miss my post here. In this article, i will explain to you what's R4 3DS and SKY3DS+ for Nintendo ds/3ds games. Then, you can know an amazing way to play NDS/3DS games on the […]

3DS SDHC or Sky3DS, which supports 3DS Roms without 10.3 exploit?

Try to find a 3ds flashcart for playing games with no 10.3 exploit, which one is correct to buy, 3DS SDHC card or Sky3DS? You will see the answer below. 3DS SDHC card The formal title is R4 3DS SDHC card. Apparently, R4 3DS SDHC is R4 flashcard with Micro SDHC compatibility. Cause all R4 […]

DSTWO PLUS plugin updates to v1.04, better than Gateway 3ds ultra?

Yesterday, Supercard dstwo plus released new GW plugin 1.04 version. Does it better than original Gateway 3ds ultra firmware and between the 2 cards, which one is more worthy to buy? Here you can find answer. Dstwo Plus GW plugin v1.04 Release Date: 2015-11-24 Main Update: Support Firmware GW ULTRA 3.0 – 3.5.1 Changelog: 1,Improved […]

Where to buy 3ds card sky3ds in Spain for 3ds/new 3ds 10.1.0-27?

If you are spanish and looking for a sky3ds card reseller to purchase sky 3ds, i can show you one here, sky-3ds.com. Why you should buy 3ds SKY3DS, choose sky-3ds.com, you can find answers in thIs article. 3ds card Sky3DS Firstly, you should know, 3ds card here doesn’t mean 3ds retail game card. 3ds card […]

3DS XL 10.0 hack,which r4 or 3ds card supports 3ds games on 3DS XL console?

For the 3DS XL 10.0.0-27, which r4 3ds or 3ds flashcard to buy for playing 3ds games? Does it support ds games as well? What's the cheapest price? This post wil help you choose the proper 3ds xl v10.0 hacking card regarding to your need. Which r4 cracks 3ds xl v10.0? There is not only […]