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Which flashcart to buy for playing the most free games on 3DS during Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas is coming! Do you plan for a trip? How do you spend the time in a long travel? If any of you have a Nintendo 3ds, New 3ds or 2ds gaming device, i's like to introduce you the best travel companion-R4I 3DS and Sky3ds. What is Flashcart for Nintendo 3DS? The […]

Which R4 or R4i 3ds supports 3DS/DS/GBA free game on 9.9.0-26U?

This post is for R4 3DS or R4I 3DS card noob! You can find the answers of R4 3DS FAQ on pirating 3DS/DS/GBA game. It will be a great help when you are preparing to buy an R4 or R4I 3DS card for playing DS/GBA/3DS game on 9.9.0-26U/E/J. Q:What's R4 or R4I 3DS card? A: […]

R4 3DS Gold|Is it hacking 3ds 9.9 for nintendo new 3ds game?

Is R4 3DS Gold the best r4 card to buy? Does it hack 3ds 9.9 for new 3ds/3ds game? Which R4 seller to choose online? If you are wondering to know the answers too, share with you guys here. The best R4 3DS Card-R4 3DS Gold? No, R4 3DS Gold card includes R4I GOLD 3DS […]

How to pirate ds and 3ds game to play on Nintendo 3DS/2DS 9.9?

Though Ninjhax 2.0 is released already, it’s not for pirating either 3ds or ds game to play on 3DS/2DS 9.9. So how we can play free games on Nintendo 3ds/2ds console with the latest firmware, if you still don’t know, the post gives you a better answer. Play pirated 3DS Game on 3DS/2DS 9.9 R4 […]

Comparing wood R4 3DS and Gateway 3ds ultra in 2015

R4 3DS with wood kernel and Gateway 3DS with ultra firmware both are very mature flashcard for hacking 3ds system, but in the year 2015, which one should be our choice for playing free ds or 3ds game on 3ds/3ds xl console? If you can't decide which one to buy, read this post carefullly. Wood […]

Where to buy not fake R4 3DS in 2015?

Which site i can buy genuine R4 3DS? What store sell R4 3DS card with the best price? Where to buy R4 3DS with free shipping? I know different customers have diferent need, here is an R4 3DS card seller with the first-class service and card. Is SKY-3DS.com selling fake R4 3DS card? No, we […]

R4 3DS VS Supercard dstwo, which to buy for 3DS/NEW 3DS?

I think you can't be unknown to the card spuercard dstwo, after a long time of waiting, now the dstwo 3ds is backing to the market again. However, the very anticipated supercard dstwo is 100% better than R4 3DS card R4I SDHC RTS 3DS? When it is released again, our best R4i 3DS is only […]