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What is 3DS multicart or multi-game card SKY3DS?

Can you imagine take one card but to play over 30 3ds games? Do you want to put all your favourite 3ds games into a single game cartridge? Are you really knowing what is best for 3DS? In this article, i will introduce you 3DS multicart or multi-game card-SKY3DS. 3DS Multi-game Card Sky3ds 3DS Multi-rom […]

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Release|How to play it for free on 3DS/NEW 3DS?

Fantastic game Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King will finally has a 3DS version in this August. According to the news, Dragon Quest VIII is heading to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on August 27 for 5,980 yen (roughly US$50), and currently no word for western release. What do you feel about the […]

3ds sky3ds|How to dump 3ds game to play on 3ds xl?

Do you hear of SKY3DS? Are you willing to play dumped 3ds games on 3ds xl? If you want to hack nintendo 3ds xl for free and multi 3ds game play, here is your best tool. Choose the nintendo 3ds flashcard-Sky3ds. 3ds sky3ds hack The sky3ds is one knid of 3ds game flashcard, it supports […]

Which R4 3DS can be safe to buy for supporting downloaded game?

How can we play free multi-rom on Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS console? Is the flashcard like R4 3DS, SKY3DS and Gateway supporting play downloaded games directly? And Are they safe to buy for 3DS System? If you want to play downloaded Nintendo DS and 3DS game with reasonable cost and safe use, the post […]

Which is the free way to play 3ds game Fire Emblem if on 3DS?

The new Fire Emblem title Fire Emblem if has been released in Japan recently, rather than buy the two seperate versions(Fire Emblem If – Black Kingdom and Fire Emblem If – White Kingdom or the Fire Emblem: If Special Edition Bundle) to play both the 2 Fire Emblem If games, here is a device which […]

Which 3ds exploit to use for playing free 3ds game on 3DS?

Currently, many 3ds exploits has been found time by time, so we get some 3ds exploits to use for hacking 3ds. But among these 3ds exploits, which one can let us play downloaded 3ds game on Nintendo 3ds console? If you want to know and use it to 3ds free game play, here is the […]