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Any update on Sky3ds(support AP check) and Sky3ds+(cheaper price) card in May 2016?

Any update on blue sky3ds card in May? Can it play AP check 3ds games for now? Or the Sky3ds+ plus are with lower price to buy after releasing several months? If you have these questions, let me answer you here. Blue Sky3ds card still be updated regularly? No, 2 months passed, sky3ds team doesn't […]

SKY3DS+/SKY3DS SD Card or 3DS SD Card, which pirates 3DS Games to play on 3DS/N3DS?

In this article, that's discuss Sky3ds+/Sky3ds with sd card or 3DS sd card, which let us pirate 3ds games to play on 3DS/N3DS 10.5? I can tell you the answer firstly, If you want to pirate 3ds games only with 3ds sd card, sorry you are making a mistake! The thing that really let you […]

Blue Sky3ds or Homebrew 2.5, which supports multi-3ds rom on New 3ds ll 10.2?

If you are on new 3ds ll v10.2, how to play multi 3ds roms freely, choose the blue sky3ds card which removes the 10 game limits or smealum's homebrew which supports romhack with the latest 2.5 version? Here is the answer. Blue Sky3ds card Blue button Sky3ds card supports multi-3ds rom on new 3ds ll […]

Which card to buy for N3DSLL, blue Sky3ds or other 3ds flashcart?

Which card supports free 3ds games on N3DSLL console, even including the latest firmware 10.1? Is the N3DSLL be region free when playing pirated 3ds roms? And the last question, without 3ds flashcart Sky3ds and Gateway, how to play multi 3ds games on Nintendo 3DS LL handheld? If you want to know the answers, go […]

How to get free 3ds game download codes for blue sky3ds card?

Attention, many online sites which claims to let you download 3ds game roms or give you nintendo 3ds game download codes for eshop ones all are fake sites. You either can't download any 3ds game from them or can't get the real working nintendo 3ds eshop download codes. We have tested most of them, not […]