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Wiki R4 3DS and SKY3DS+ for Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL in NA and Europe

If you are the Nintendo 3ds or ds game player, but still not the R4 3DS and 3DS Card owner. Don't miss my post here. In this article, i will explain to you what's R4 3DS and SKY3DS+ for Nintendo ds/3ds games. Then, you can know an amazing way to play NDS/3DS games on the […]

R4 3DS RTS, the only R4 card for 2DS/3DS XL 10.6.0 and supports 3DS emulation?

Searching in the whole sky-3ds.com, but only find one R4 flashcard-R4 3DS RTS. Why the site doesn't sell other R4 3DS cards, is it meaning R4 3DS RTS is the Only working card for the latest 2DS/3DS XL /N3DS consoles with 10.6 firmware? Or this one can support 3DS Emulation as Sky3ds cards? If you […]

In 2016, can we play free 3ds games with R4 3DS or 3ds emulator?

In the new year 2016, can we play 3DS Games with R4 3DS? Or the in-progress 3DS Emulator is woking now? If the both ways still can let us play Free 3DS Games on 3DS/NEW 3DS console, which way should we choose for hacking 3DS Games? In this post, you can find the solution. 2016 […]

Does 10.3.0-28 firmware block R4 3DS and how about 3ds homebrew hacks?

For the 3DS 10.3.0-28 Firmware influence on R4 3DS, 3DS Flashcart and Free Homebrew hacks. Here you can know the conclusion. 3DS 10.3.0-28 ban any R4 card? No, the working R4 3DS cards for 3DS 10.2 System works on the latest 3DS V10.3.0-28 directly! You can see the R4 3DS 10.3 cards list here. R4I […]

R4 3DS-Is it the way to play all 3ds roms on any 3ds 10.2 or lower version?

I buy R4 3DS card online, why this card can't support 3ds roms? Is it a fake one? Please help me, i need one cart to play free 3ds roms. For people who is also in this situation, i will tell you the way to solve the problem. You choose the wrong flashcart for 3ds […]

What’s the difference of R4 3DS and R4 Gateway when work on 3DS XL 10.1?

R4 3ds and R4 gateway, how are them hacking 3DS XL? What are their differences? Which one to buy for playing free 3ds games on 3DS XL 10.1? If you are 3ds flashcart noob, read this post, you will find the correct 3ds game flashcart for your 3ds xl/ll console with 10.1.0-27 firmware. R4 3DS […]

Which site ships R4 3DS or Sky3ds card with local shipping and cheap price?

Dear everyone, if you want to buy R4 3DS or Sky3ds card with local shipment and cheap price both in United States and in Europea, after a few days, our SKY-3DS.Com can be your best choice. Our new overseas stock in France is under preparation during these days. It is coming normally from Steptember, then […]

Comparing wood R4 3DS and Gateway 3ds ultra in 2015

R4 3DS with wood kernel and Gateway 3DS with ultra firmware both are very mature flashcard for hacking 3ds system, but in the year 2015, which one should be our choice for playing free ds or 3ds game on 3ds/3ds xl console? If you can't decide which one to buy, read this post carefullly. Wood […]

Which R4 3DS can be safe to buy for supporting downloaded game?

How can we play free multi-rom on Nintendo 3DS and New 3DS console? Is the flashcard like R4 3DS, SKY3DS and Gateway supporting play downloaded games directly? And Are they safe to buy for 3DS System? If you want to play downloaded Nintendo DS and 3DS game with reasonable cost and safe use, the post […]

Where to buy not fake R4 3DS in 2015?

Which site i can buy genuine R4 3DS? What store sell R4 3DS card with the best price? Where to buy R4 3DS with free shipping? I know different customers have diferent need, here is an R4 3DS card seller with the first-class service and card. Is SKY-3DS.com selling fake R4 3DS card? No, we […]