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The best tile of it’s genre for the 3ds, which are the popular 3ds games in 2016?

Which are the best RPG/Strategy/Action/other genre games to play on Nintendo 3DS? In this post, let me share and introduce you some hot titles, all these games you can play with one 3ds flash card Sky3ds+. 3DS Game recommendation accordiong to genres RPG game for 3DS Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Fire Emblem Awakening Tales of […]

What’s nintendo 3ds chip and which one supports 3ds roms on it?

Are there modchips for Nintendo 3ds and new 3ds console? Which 3ds chips plays 3ds games, besides Sky3ds+? Where is the safe plcae to buy 3ds modchips? Here you can have all the questions be solved. Modchips for Nintendo 3DS and NEW 3DS? MODchips for Nintendo 3ds and New 3ds console equals to the Nintendo […]

Dstwo plus will support 3ds 10.3 after Gateway new firmware release in future?

Is Gateway 3ds already suporting 10.3 firmware now? If so, will the dstwo plus card which uses the GW plugin support 3DS/N3DS/2DS 10.3? If not, how long we should wait for Gateway 3ds card supporting the 3ds 10.3, I'm writing here to solve your questions. Gateway 3ds card already supports 3ds 10.3 firmware? No, one […]

Without super mystery dungeon, how to install Supermysterychunkhax on N3DS, N3DS XL?

Want to install Supermysterychunkhax on the N3ds or N3dsxl but without the Super mystery dungeon game cart. Don't worry, if you still haven't get the card or don't want to just buy it for one-time use, here I will tell you a way that setup Supermysterychunkhax on New 3ds/New 3ds xl consoles with no use […]

Wiki R4 3DS and SKY3DS+ for Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL in NA and Europe

If you are the Nintendo 3ds or ds game player, but still not the R4 3DS and 3DS Card owner. Don't miss my post here. In this article, i will explain to you what's R4 3DS and SKY3DS+ for Nintendo ds/3ds games. Then, you can know an amazing way to play NDS/3DS games on the […]

Sky3ds blue button card can be updated to Sky3ds+(plus) to play new 3ds games?

If you are the blue button sky3ds card user, do you know the latest sky3ds version Sky3ds Plus? Have you ever experienced 3ds games can't be supported by sky3ds? Want to update Sky3ds V2 to Sky3ds V3 without buying the new card? If you feel the same feeling with me, my article is written just […]

Sky3ds plus reddit|Collect sky3ds+ related questions from famous reddit

Want to find out the best Sky3ds plus reseller in reddit? Ask Sky3ds+ questions in reddit? What do you want to know from Sky3ds plus reddit? Here, I collection Sky3ds+ card hottest questions and anserws from reddit.com. Hope to be helpful when you buy or use Sky3ds plus card to play Nintendo 3ds games. In fact, […]

What’s the Ninjhax 2.7 gamma and its relation with Sky3ds+ card?

Ninjhax 2.7 gamma is released,what's the new function and is it still working with 3ds flashcard Sky3ds or Sky3ds+, you can know here. What's new for Ninjhax 2.7 gamma? Mr Yellows8 released a new exploit on the 3DS-ctr-httpwn which allows users to bypass required sysupdates on older 3DS firmwares. Users can go to Nintendo eShop, or […]

Which are the New 3DS Releases or Games throughout the whole year of 2016?

Reveiled from a Nintendo Direct video today, we will have the following 3DS Games to play through winter, spring and beyond in this 2016. They and old 3ds games already in the market all can play by one single card-Sky3ds+. Yes, it is the 3ds flashcard which supports 3DS Games on all 3ds family consoles, […]

10.6.0-31 is released, how to update Sky3ds or Sky3ds+ plus card for working on 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.6?

Nintendo updates firmwareto 10.6.0-31. What's its influence to 3ds rom cards Sky3ds+(plus) and Sky3ds, the 2 flashcards support directly? is blocked by 3ds sysnand 10.6 or need to update for working on 2ds/3ds/n3ds consoles with 10.6 firmware? In this post, let me reply you. Sky3ds+ and Sky3ds cards support 3DS 10.6.0? From Sky3ds.com News part […]