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Is it safe to update 2DS/3DS to V11.8.0 for and why?

Today, the Nintendo has updated their Nintendo 3DS firmware very quickly for a better compatibility. So the New 2DS and 3DS firmware updates to the version 11.8.0-41. Can we still crack this new system update with a 3DS flashcard?  Is it safe to update 2DS/3DS to V11.8.0 for and why? Which 3DS card or R4 3DS card supports hacking 3DS V11.8.0-41? On the below, we […]

5 important reasons why you still need to buy Sky3ds+ not Stargate 3ds

Stargate 3ds review unit is out some days ago, after doing a review on it, for playing free 3ds games, we will still recommend you buying the sky3ds+ or sky3ds plus card not the Stargate 3ds. Why? There are the 5 important reasons to be seen here. Reasons Sky3ds+ better than Stargate 3ds 1. Game […]

What’s the cheapest way to play 3ds games on NEW 3DS sold at $99 Black Friday?

To you who want to or plan to buy a new 3ds console recently, there will a Big Discount on the model this Black Friday. From the news of Nintendo, at all U.S. retailers, two special-edition models of the New 3DS will be set price at $99.99, it is the lowest price in the whole […]

Where and How to get Free 3ds download code in US and EU?

What’s 3ds download code, how and where to get them for free? Here, let me give you multiple solutions. The 3ds download code I talk here can mean to the eshop 3ds download code and private code for downloading 3ds/ds games in one save and reliable online site. One is letting you get free games, […]

What’s the 2016 new version Sky3ds card, support 3ds and cia games?

Stop if you are preparing to buy the blue button sky3ds card now! I want to share you a good news, sky3ds.com already releases a totally new 3ds flashcard in this year, the card with 2 orange buttons is named Sky3ds+. You can know more about the card in this article. 2016 new version Sky3ds card-Sky3ds+ Sky3ds+(plus) is […]

NN3DS console and Sky3ds+ users, you can play SNES and free 3DS Games on NEW 3DS (XL)!

Yes, Super Nintendo games playing on New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 3DS XL handheld is on the way! From the latest Nintendo Direct conference in March, 2016, the company has said that it will begin releasing games from its 16-bit Super Nintendo console on the New Nintendo 3DS platform.The first 3 SNES games launching […]

DSTWO+ 1.05 Plugin removed for security reason, is this card save to buy as Sky3ds and R4?

Shorter than 1 day, the newly updated DSTWO V1.05 GW Plugin is removed by the official team. They said users reported safety problems. And told the Dstwo Plus card users still download the GW V1.03 plugin to play 3DS Games. It is known that Dstwo+ card works with GW hacking method to support 3DS Roms. […]

3DS SDHC or Sky3DS, which supports 3DS Roms without 10.3 exploit?

Try to find a 3ds flashcart for playing games with no 10.3 exploit, which one is correct to buy, 3DS SDHC card or Sky3DS? You will see the answer below. 3DS SDHC card The formal title is R4 3DS SDHC card. Apparently, R4 3DS SDHC is R4 flashcard with Micro SDHC compatibility. Cause all R4 […]

Attention here before buy Sky3ds or R4 3DS card for Nintendo 3DS/NEW 3DS

In this post, i collected the Sky3DS, R4 3DS FAQ from customers in SKY-3DS.COM, hope can save your time to solve similar worries and help you choose the right flashcard for Nintendo 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS consoles. Sky3DS FAQ on 3DS/NEW 3DS Q: 3ds 10.3.0-28(U/E/J) released, does the sky3ds card support as before? A: Yes, Sky3DS card […]

3DS: Free Homebrew and 3DS Game play Tutorial on 10.3.0-28

How to run homebrews on 10.3? Is it possible to play 3ds roms on 10.3? Which is the best way to hack 10.3.0-28? Your answer is here. Sky3DS plus Homebrew 2.5 is what you are looking for. How to run free homebrews on 3DS 10.3? Smealum’s hax 2.5 version brings homebrews to 3DS/NEW 3DS console. […]