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Gateway 3DS GW 4.0b released, how to use it to downgrade 3ds and install A9lh on 3DS/N3DS?

Gateway 3ds 4.0 beta firmware is released privately. The promised GW Time machine app allow us to downgarde old 3ds/3ds xl firmware to 2.x and GW A9lh installer also can be found in GW Mode Menu. Then, I will show you the content of Gateway Private 4.0 Beta and the tutorial of GW V4.0b on […]

List of Gateway questions for new 3ds with firmware 9.0 to 10.1

Things you should know before buy Gateway 3ds card for the new 3ds system handheld, read all the following questions before place the order. And for you guy who can’t decide which online site to buy Gateway 3ds, introduce us SKY-3DS.COM. 100% genuine card, fast shipping with local post or express service, exclusive 3ds game […]

How to downgrade 3DS/N3DS 9.7 to use Gateway or other card?

Regarding the fact that latest 3ds/n3ds firmware is version 9.7, but Gateway only works on the highest 9.2 system and R4i gold deluxe is just running 3ds roms within v4.1 to v4.5, so what can we do to play 3ds games on o3ds or n3ds 9.7? Downgrade the system or choose the most expensive SKY3DS […]

Gateway Ultra 3.2.1 updated News and Guide for NEW 3DS

Yes, only after a few days, Gateway updated Utra Firmware to a new version 3.2.1. Now, users of Gateway 3DS card can safely replace it with the old 3.2 ultra, so you can have more functions support back. What are them? Read and check. GATEWAY 3.2.1 ULTRA  So what’s new this time:  Updated Blue Card […]

How to boot into Gateway mode with Ultra 3.1 on NEW 3DS?

The Gateway ultra 3.1.0 add compatibility to NEW 3DS console with firmware from V8.1 to V9.2 and region from US,JP,EU. So if you guys have a NEW 3DS or NEW 3DS XL console, you can finally play the free downloaded 3DS games and download region locked 3DS roms on the two handhelds. Just one thing […]

How to play free 3ds games with Gateway 3ds Ultra on 3DS V4.1 to V9.2?

If you are not sure how to use Gateway 3DS with ultra firmware or plan to buy the card for playing free 3ds games, here is your detailed and full guide. The post here will show you clearly on using Gateway 3ds on 3DS(XL) V4.1 to V4.5 and 3DS(XL) V4.6 to V9.2. Before all the […]