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Buy a flashcard in 2016|choose Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds or R4 3ds for 3ds 10.5 and 10.6?

In 2016, for playing 3ds, ds or other free games on 3ds 10.5 and 10.6 firmware, which flashcard should we buy? Let’s have a look at the most popular 3 flashcards in the market and try to find out the best one to get. They are Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds and R4 3DS cards. Sky3ds+ and 3ds 10.5/10.6 firmware? […]

List of Gateway questions for new 3ds with firmware 9.0 to 10.1

Things you should know before buy Gateway 3ds card for the new 3ds system handheld, read all the following questions before place the order. And for you guy who can’t decide which online site to buy Gateway 3ds, introduce us SKY-3DS.COM. 100% genuine card, fast shipping with local post or express service, exclusive 3ds game […]

Gateway ultra 3.3 released, does it support on nintendo 3ds 9.9?

Regarding to Nintendo 3ds new system 9.9, the Gateway also updated its firmware to Ultra 3.3. The new Gateway ultra 3.3 brings better Emunand 9.9 support on 3ds and 3ds xl console, as for new 3ds/new 3ds xl, the team is still working on the way, the highest Gateway Emuannd version is still 9.5. For […]

3ds hack via sd card|how to play free nintendo 3ds games?

Can we just use 3ds sd card for playing downloaded 3ds game? How to play free nintendo 3ds game on 3ds xl console? If there is a working way, it should be the folloowing. Here introduce the 2 flashcards Gateway 3ds and Sky3ds, which let users play both .cia and 3ds games on 3ds, new […]

Comparing wood R4 3DS and Gateway 3ds ultra in 2015

R4 3DS with wood kernel and Gateway 3DS with ultra firmware both are very mature flashcard for hacking 3ds system, but in the year 2015, which one should be our choice for playing free ds or 3ds game on 3ds/3ds xl console? If you can't decide which one to buy, read this post carefullly. Wood […]