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Gateway 3ds ultra supports 11.0, Time Machine app, A9LH Installer released already?

Do we have new Gateway ultra supports 11.0, Time Machine app and A9LH Installer now, cause the date which Gateway 3ds team promise for releasing is already passed. The answer is Not yet. But something is really updated in gateway-3ds.com. What’s it and will we get Gateway ultra 4.0(or other version) in this Month? Please […]

Dstwo plus will support 3ds 10.3 after Gateway new firmware release in future?

Is Gateway 3ds already suporting 10.3 firmware now? If so, will the dstwo plus card which uses the GW plugin support 3DS/N3DS/2DS 10.3? If not, how long we should wait for Gateway 3ds card supporting the 3ds 10.3, I'm writing here to solve your questions. Gateway 3ds card already supports 3ds 10.3 firmware? No, one […]

Gateway 3ds with new firmware supports 10.3 and Arm9loaderhax?

Gateway 3ds card breaks another 3ds firmware range limit! The 3ds flashcart with the next firmware will support 3ds games on 3ds/n3ds/2ds 10.3 consoles. The news is released from the official team recently. What's more, this card is also going to support A9Hax(Arm9loaderhax) on 3DS, confirmed by gateway-3ds.com at the same time. Gateway for 3DS […]

Gateway 3ds finally support 3ds v9.2 to v10.3 with ultra 3.6.1?

Gateway ultra 3.6.1 is updated yesterday, this new firmware is mainly for fixing some bugs of last ultra 3.6, but bring us a very excited news, Gateway 3ds card can finally support 3ds firmware from v9.2 to v10.3 in a short time with the newly made homebrew application- GW 3DSX. For leting you know the […]

2015 3ds flashcart review-Sky3ds,Gateway 3ds and Dstwo Plus for Nintendo 3DS Games

In this post, I will write the review on Sky3ds, Gateway 3ds and Dstwo plus, these 3 2015 3ds flashcarts for all users or future buyers, hope to give you the useful instruction on which one to choose in the upcoming 2016 and talk about their potentials. Sky3ds 3DS Review Sky3ds team: The card released […]

Sky3ds vs Gateway vs 3ds 10.2 exploit, which supports 3ds roms on 3ds xl 10.2.0?

At 3ds 10.2.0 firmware, is there a free 3ds exploit to be used for running 3ds roms? Or the charged flashcarts Sky3ds and Gateway 3ds which supports 3ds games are the only working way? For 3ds game fans, you should read this post to choose the best way to play 3ds games. Which 3ds exploit […]

What’s the future of 3ds linker sky3ds in 2015, sky3ds versions 3?

With the releasing of dstwo plus, the trying of gw supports cheat and many 3ds cfws, what's the future of 3ds linker sky3ds card? Will there be a sky3ds version 3 come out? Welcome to discuss with us here. 3DS LINKER SKY3DS? Sky3ds, this 3ds game flashcart for the time being is the Only working […]

Which card to buy for N3DSLL, blue Sky3ds or other 3ds flashcart?

Which card supports free 3ds games on N3DSLL console, even including the latest firmware 10.1? Is the N3DSLL be region free when playing pirated 3ds roms? And the last question, without 3ds flashcart Sky3ds and Gateway, how to play multi 3ds games on Nintendo 3DS LL handheld? If you want to know the answers, go […]

Gateway ultra 3.4.1, what’s the new features besides supports emunand 10.1 3ds?

Gateway 3ds firmware ultra 3.4.1 is available for card users. If you want to use Gateway 3ds on 3ds (xl) console without problems, you should download the latest ultra v3.4.1 from the official site. In this post, let me show you the new features in Gateway 3ds ultra 3.4.1. Gateway 3ds firmware ultra 3.4.1 New […]

Does Gateway 3ds support 3ds 10.0.0-27 and What’s GW Emunand v10.0?

To all Gateway 3ds noob, if you want to buy Gateway 3ds card for 3ds 10.0.0-27 firmware or don't know what is Gateway Emunand 3ds 10.0? In order to help you figure out the 2 questions, i wrote the post here. Gateway 3ds supports 3ds 10.0.0-27? No, Gateway 3ds card is still working on 3ds […]