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Is it right to use 3DS Emulator on Nintendo 3DS/NEW 3DS to play 3ds game?

It's a terrible misunderstanding, you can't use or install any 3ds emulator on 3DS/NEW 3DS console to play 3ds games. The 3ds emulation is not you thought that can support on 3ds family handheld to run free multi 3ds games. It' s an under developing software which designed for other platforms such as PC, Android […]

Sky3ds, Gateway 3ds, 3ds emulator 9.9, which to choose for playing free game?

This page is for 3ds game players want to play free and multi 3ds games on 3DS/NEW 3DS console. If you are not sure which to choose, Sky3ds, Gateway 3ds or 3ds 9.9 emulator, here is the instruction. Sky3ds Flashcard Sky3ds from sky3ds.com is a very easy to use 3ds game hacked flash card with […]

Which is the best 3ds game flashcard for new 3ds xl 9.9.0?

Sky3ds, Gateway 3ds and MT-card, which can be used on new 3ds xl 9.9.0 and which one is the best 3ds game supported card for the new 3ds firmware 9.9? If you want to choose the right 3ds game hacking card for your new 3ds xl/3ds xl 9.9 console, read the article firstly. 3ds game […]

How to play 3ds roms with or without emulator on 3DS?

Is there a legit 3ds emulator for 3ds game? Can we download it to 3ds for free game play? How to play 3ds roms without those not compatible with 3ds firmware emulators? Is there a really 3DS Emulator that can play 3DS Game? Yes, we can hope to get a 3DS Emulator called Citra Emulator […]