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how to hack 3DS firmware 9.6

If your 3DS fimware is 9.6 or 9.6.0-24 U/EJ (3ds firmware is the same on New 3DS (XL,LL),2DS,3DS (XL,LL)), you can hack your 3DS too, then you can enjoy free 3ds and ds roms and homebrews on your 3ds consoles. The best and most easy way is the flashcart, but you can also use software […]

How to Hack 3DS 9.5.0 with Cubic Ninja?

Does the Cubic Ninja 3DS hack still work on V9.5.0-23? If it is yes, where to get the game Cubic Ninja with cheap price? Or if it is no, How to hack 3DS 9.5.0 for playing free roms and running homebrews? Here I will solve the 2 problems for your need. 3DS Hack Cubic Ninja […]

How to hack 3DS without SKY3DS ?

Besides SKY3DS can hack all 3DS System to support free downloaded 3DS Games(roms), which flash card can hack 3DS as well? Or is there any way we can crack 3DS without money and flashcard needed? If you guys have the same 2 questions, here is your answer. I will share you the 3DS Hacking methods […]

How to add free 3ds games to play on 3DS/3DS XL?

Besides buy retail 3ds game cards for 3DS/3DS XL console, in which way we can enjoy 3ds games and is there any device help us play free downloaded 3ds roms? The answer is YES and The product is 3DS Flashcard. Here in this article, I will share you the way to add free 3DS Games […]