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Xecuter SX Pro: Launch your game backups on Nintendo Switch

Xecuter SX Pro, the first product to launch copies of games on Nintendo Switch. For the first time on the last console of Nintendo, this will be possible thanks to the work of the hackers. Additional point: the product will launch games on all firmware, the latest at the time we write these lines: the […]

All FAQ collecting of Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS

 Since the news of Team Xecuter announced released Xecuter SX Pro and OS, players get some detailed information of two SX products, and on the below, we collect the FAQS about Xecuter SX Pro and OS from official site. Puzzles of SX Pro and OS will be solved after reading the articles. FAQS of SX […]

Free Game List for Nintendo Switch at E3 2018

The news of E3 has a high degree of discussion in public. Players have comment attention on the new game’s release, So, based on discussion of this topic, What’s the free game’s release for Nintendo Switch on E3 2018? How to get more free games to play on Nintendo Switch? On the below, you can find the answers. […]

XCIment – Auto XCI file renaming tool| How to rename XCI files?

How to download ROM XCI As we know, a Nintendo Switch console is cracked by a Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS. To operate Switch games for free, you must download Switch ROMs in XCI format. So, where to download free .XCI ROMs to crack Switch 5.1.0 ? Today you can find a solution. XCIment – […]

Hack Switch 5.1.0|Xecuter SX supports Switch 5.1 cracker for ROMs and homebrew

Does Switch 5.1 block the Xecuter SX flashcard? In fact, the answer is no, the Xecuter SX flashcard supports hacking the Nintendo Switch 5.1.0 console. That is, players can take a purchase of the Xecuter SX Pro or OS Flashcard to run games downloaded from the Switch. And this new update V5.1.0 does not block […]