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What is the best R4 3DS card supporting DS games in 2018?

A console of the Nintendo 3DS family is still one of the most popular video game consoles on the market. Everyone knows, we can play free games with an R4 card, although there are more and more new 3DS games, several players who still wanted to enjoy DS games. But what is the best 3DS […]

Hack the Nintendo DSL: Only 5 steps with a MicroSD

Your Nintendo DS Lite can do a lot of things despite an older firmware version.it can play DS games as well as Game Boy Advance (GBA) games.it also can emulate GB/GBC/NSNES/NES games. Moreover, it can also support music, videos, text files, and much more! Today I will share a easy tutorial to crack the DS lite […]

2016 R4 3DS+ card|buy it to play all 3ds/new 3ds backups in USA and worldwide

Yes, the year 2016 should be the market of R4 3DS+ card-Sky3ds+. This is a 3ds game supported card, unlike the R4 3DS(R4i gold 3ds, R4i sdhc 3ds, R4i gold pro and such cards) only compatible with DS Games. It can be used on all Nintendo 3ds, New 3ds and 2ds handhelds with any firmware […]

R4 3DS RTS, the only R4 card for 2DS/3DS XL 10.6.0 and supports 3DS emulation?

Searching in the whole sky-3ds.com, but only find one R4 flashcard-R4 3DS RTS. Why the site doesn't sell other R4 3DS cards, is it meaning R4 3DS RTS is the Only working card for the latest 2DS/3DS XL /N3DS consoles with 10.6 firmware? Or this one can support 3DS Emulation as Sky3ds cards? If you […]

DSTWO+ 1.05 Plugin removed for security reason, is this card save to buy as Sky3ds and R4?

Shorter than 1 day, the newly updated DSTWO V1.05 GW Plugin is removed by the official team. They said users reported safety problems. And told the Dstwo Plus card users still download the GW V1.03 plugin to play 3DS Games. It is known that Dstwo+ card works with GW hacking method to support 3DS Roms. […]

Attention here before buy Sky3ds or R4 3DS card for Nintendo 3DS/NEW 3DS

In this post, i collected the Sky3DS, R4 3DS FAQ from customers in SKY-3DS.COM, hope can save your time to solve similar worries and help you choose the right flashcard for Nintendo 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS consoles. Sky3DS FAQ on 3DS/NEW 3DS Q: 3ds 10.3.0-28(U/E/J) released, does the sky3ds card support as before? A: Yes, Sky3DS card […]

Can I buy R4 3DS card to play US region 3ds games on the 3DS 10.1.0-27J?

The only flashcard i know is R4 3DS. Can you tell me which R4 3DS card to buy for hacking 3ds 10.1.0-27? What's the best one to play free 3ds games? And Can i put US region 3ds games with R4 card on 3DS V10.1.0-27J? I have these questions, please help me out! Search online […]

Which site ships R4 3DS or Sky3ds card with local shipping and cheap price?

Dear everyone, if you want to buy R4 3DS or Sky3ds card with local shipment and cheap price both in United States and in Europea, after a few days, our SKY-3DS.Com can be your best choice. Our new overseas stock in France is under preparation during these days. It is coming normally from Steptember, then […]

Is r4 3ds v1.82 the best firmware for running NDS Rom on 3ds 9.9?

Which r4 card is better depended on its firmware, so for hacking 3ds v9.9.0-26, what R4 3DS kernel is the best software? R4I-3DS V1.82b or Others, let's discuss at the following. R4 3DS V1.82b Firmware It's R4I SDHC RTS 3DS card with the v1.82b kernel to work on 3ds 9.9 and lower systems to run […]

Where to buy not fake R4 3DS in 2015?

Which site i can buy genuine R4 3DS? What store sell R4 3DS card with the best price? Where to buy R4 3DS with free shipping? I know different customers have diferent need, here is an R4 3DS card seller with the first-class service and card. Is SKY-3DS.com selling fake R4 3DS card? No, we […]