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All you need to know about the R4 ds/3ds card

An R4 DS card is an indispensable and classic accessory for Nintendo’s handheld consoles, but not all users know it well. Maybe, you ever heard the R4 3DS, something like that? Here I present another version of R4, the R4 DS card and show you difference between r4 ds and r4 3ds. What is the R4 DS for? […]

Wiki R4 3DS and SKY3DS+ for Nintendo 3DS/3DS XL in NA and Europe

If you are the Nintendo 3ds or ds game player, but still not the R4 3DS and 3DS Card owner. Don't miss my post here. In this article, i will explain to you what's R4 3DS and SKY3DS+ for Nintendo ds/3ds games. Then, you can know an amazing way to play NDS/3DS games on the […]

How to get 3DS Game Code after buy Sky3ds+ card from online resellers?

Recently, we often get e-mails from customers of Sky3ds+ plus card, they all ask us the same question, they already order or buy the sky3ds+ or sky3ds card from other online resellers and want to receive the game download code for downloading free 3DS/DS games in Rom2station site. Here, i have to announce that only […]

R4 3DS RTS, the only R4 card for 2DS/3DS XL 10.6.0 and supports 3DS emulation?

Searching in the whole sky-3ds.com, but only find one R4 flashcard-R4 3DS RTS. Why the site doesn't sell other R4 3DS cards, is it meaning R4 3DS RTS is the Only working card for the latest 2DS/3DS XL /N3DS consoles with 10.6 firmware? Or this one can support 3DS Emulation as Sky3ds cards? If you […]

Buy a flashcard in 2016|choose Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds or R4 3ds for 3ds 10.5 and 10.6?

In 2016, for playing 3ds, ds or other free games on 3ds 10.5 and 10.6 firmware, which flashcard should we buy? Let’s have a look at the most popular 3 flashcards in the market and try to find out the best one to get. They are Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds and R4 3DS cards. Sky3ds+ and 3ds 10.5/10.6 firmware? […]

Sky3ds, Sky3ds+ or 3DS emulator, which is the best for playing 3ds roms?

Can't find a working 3ds emulator online? Don't know which 3ds emulator to download for playing 3ds games? If I tell you, you search the wrong item on Google, so can't find the real useful thing to let you play 3ds roms greatly. What do you think? In fact, 3DS Emulators on the Internet all […]

Does Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds support 3ds and ds cart emulation on 3DS 10.5?

Sky3ds+ or Sky3ds card, which one can support 3DS and DS cart Emulation both? So we can play 3DS and DS games both on 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS consoles with 10.5 firmware. If you would like to know the answer, that's why I writes this page. Sky3ds+(plus) supports 3DS and DS cart emulation? For emualting 3DS […]

In 2016, can we play free 3ds games with R4 3DS or 3ds emulator?

In the new year 2016, can we play 3DS Games with R4 3DS? Or the in-progress 3DS Emulator is woking now? If the both ways still can let us play Free 3DS Games on 3DS/NEW 3DS console, which way should we choose for hacking 3DS Games? In this post, you can find the solution. 2016 […]

R4 3DS Red or Orange Sky3ds+, which to buy for playing Latest 3DS Games?

The R4 3DS Red card or Sky3ds+ with orange button version, which one can run the latest 3DS Games such as Mario&Luigi/MHX/FEIf/Animal Crossing/Legend Of Zelda Triforce Heros freely on Nintendo 3DS family machines? The answer should be Orange SKY3DS+ card. Orange SKY3DS+ Introduction Are you waiting for a flashcard with which you can play all […]

3DS SDHC or Sky3DS, which supports 3DS Roms without 10.3 exploit?

Try to find a 3ds flashcart for playing games with no 10.3 exploit, which one is correct to buy, 3DS SDHC card or Sky3DS? You will see the answer below. 3DS SDHC card The formal title is R4 3DS SDHC card. Apparently, R4 3DS SDHC is R4 flashcard with Micro SDHC compatibility. Cause all R4 […]