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Suppose 11.2 patches Hardmod/Dsiware downgrade,how to hack 3DS V11.2 on 3DS and 2DS?

This time we are lucky, the Hardmod and Dsiware are still working to downgrade 3ds 11.2 to 9.2. But if in one day, a new 3ds firmware 11.3, 11.4 or some version released by Nintendo to block Hardmod and Dsiware downgrade forever, how can we hack the 3DS latest firmware on 3DS and 2DS consoles […]

Where and How to get Free 3ds download code in US and EU?

What’s 3ds download code, how and where to get them for free? Here, let me give you multiple solutions. The 3ds download code I talk here can mean to the eshop 3ds download code and private code for downloading 3ds/ds games in one save and reliable online site. One is letting you get free games, […]

Which flashcard supports 3ds/ds games, homebrews and play movies on 3DS/NEW 3DS XL?

Hack a 3DS or NEW 3DS XL console is easy in this year, you can not only play free 3ds/ds games, but run homebrews&emulators, even watch movie, listen to music, read e-books is supported by Nintendo flashcard. Do you want to do all the above things on 3DS or NEW 3DS XL machine? Then, all […]

Buy a flashcard in 2016|choose Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds or R4 3ds for 3ds 10.5 and 10.6?

In 2016, for playing 3ds, ds or other free games on 3ds 10.5 and 10.6 firmware, which flashcard should we buy? Let’s have a look at the most popular 3 flashcards in the market and try to find out the best one to get. They are Sky3ds+, Gateway 3ds and R4 3DS cards. Sky3ds+ and 3ds 10.5/10.6 firmware? […]

R4 3DS XL 10.4-Which is the best 3DS XL/LL hacking card among R4 3DS?

2016 3DS Update is the latest firmware 10.4.0-29, according to this, we also have R4 3DS cards work on 3DS XL/LL 10.4.0 consoles to run Free DS Games, they are R4I 3DS RTS from r4i-sdhc.com, R4I 3DS GOLD from r4ids.cn, R4I 3DS 2016 series from r4isdhc.com and more. But which R4 3DS card is the best choice […]

In 2016, can we play free 3ds games with R4 3DS or 3ds emulator?

In the new year 2016, can we play 3DS Games with R4 3DS? Or the in-progress 3DS Emulator is woking now? If the both ways still can let us play Free 3DS Games on 3DS/NEW 3DS console, which way should we choose for hacking 3DS Games? In this post, you can find the solution. 2016 […]

Which flashcart to buy for playing the most free games on 3DS during Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas is coming! Do you plan for a trip? How do you spend the time in a long travel? If any of you have a Nintendo 3ds, New 3ds or 2ds gaming device, i's like to introduce you the best travel companion-R4I 3DS and Sky3ds. What is Flashcart for Nintendo 3DS? The […]