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3DS/2DS/DS Game Review|Which to play on 3DS XL 9.9?

Dear 3ds or 3ds xl console newer users, if you don't know what is 3ds/2ds/ds game and can't decide which type of game you should choose to play, the post here introduces these 3 type Nintendo games for you in order to help you decide which game to play on the Best Video Game Machine-Nintendo […]

Sky3ds, Gateway 3ds, 3ds emulator 9.9, which to choose for playing free game?

This page is for 3ds game players want to play free and multi 3ds games on 3DS/NEW 3DS console. If you are not sure which to choose, Sky3ds, Gateway 3ds or 3ds 9.9 emulator, here is the instruction. Sky3ds Flashcard Sky3ds from sky3ds.com is a very easy to use 3ds game hacked flash card with […]

How to play Sky3ds latest game Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer on 3DS?

Don’t worry. Our Sky3ds card users, you can play the following 3ds games on the Nintendo 3ds or new 3ds console. The post here is for the Sky3ds latest supported game Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer (JP).  And except the two ones(this game plus Fire Emblem IF), other 3ds games are running well with sky3ds […]

Sky3ds or 3DS CFW 9.9, which is better for 3DS XL/2DS 9.9.0-26?

If you wonder to know is there a 3ds 9.9 cfw which can replace SKY3DS card, here is the answer.  9.9 3DS Game Flashcard Sky3DS,it’s the Unique One 3ds game supported card that can work on 3DS XL/NEW 3DS XL/2DS 9.9.0-26 firmware directly. What’s more, the card has perfect compatibility on Nintendo 3ds family handhelds, when […]

Sky3ds 9.9.0-26 for top 10 3DS Games in 2015?

I have 2 questions on SKY3DS card, is it working on 3ds 9.9.0-26u and which 3ds game does it support? I searched out the best 3ds games in 2015 online, can i play them all with the blue sky3ds? Rely me so i can buy the card from your SKY-3DS.COM. I really appreciate your 3ds […]

Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Release|How to play it for free on 3DS/NEW 3DS?

Fantastic game Dragon Quest: The Journey of the Cursed King will finally has a 3DS version in this August. According to the news, Dragon Quest VIII is heading to the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on August 27 for 5,980 yen (roughly US$50), and currently no word for western release. What do you feel about the […]