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What are the new 3ds games supported by sky3ds+ and How to play?

Sky3ds+ can support NEW 3DS Games not played by blue sky3ds card! The new Sky3ds+ Plus with better game compatibility via solving the 3DS Anti-Piracy problem, so which NEW 3DS games we can play with Sky3ds+(sky3ds plus) card and how to play them without any other tool on 3DS, NEW 3DS or 2DS console? Here […]

3DS SDHC or Sky3DS, which supports 3DS Roms without 10.3 exploit?

Try to find a 3ds flashcart for playing games with no 10.3 exploit, which one is correct to buy, 3DS SDHC card or Sky3DS? You will see the answer below. 3DS SDHC card The formal title is R4 3DS SDHC card. Apparently, R4 3DS SDHC is R4 flashcard with Micro SDHC compatibility. Cause all R4 […]

Which flashcart to buy for playing the most free games on 3DS during Thanksgiving or Christmas?

Thanksgiving Day and Christmas is coming! Do you plan for a trip? How do you spend the time in a long travel? If any of you have a Nintendo 3ds, New 3ds or 2ds gaming device, i's like to introduce you the best travel companion-R4I 3DS and Sky3ds. What is Flashcart for Nintendo 3DS? The […]

Which is the best 3ds game to play in this Halloween and does sky3ds support?

Halloween holiday and celebration is on the way! During the fantasic Halloween Season, which is the best Nintendo 3ds game to play? If you are planning for a trip and don't want to take many 3ds game cards with you, you need the multi-3ds rom supported card SKY3DS. Which is the best 3ds game to […]

Is Dstwo plus better than Sky3ds for playing 3DS/DS/GBA games on 3ds console?

In the near future, we will welcome a new 3ds flashcart to play 3ds games, the card is supercard dstwo plus. Which claims it can support 3DS, NDS, GBA and SNES games with one card on Nintendo 3ds family consoles. However, is that meaning dstwo plus better than sky3ds card for hacking 3ds? the new […]

Can I buy R4 3DS card to play US region 3ds games on the 3DS 10.1.0-27J?

The only flashcard i know is R4 3DS. Can you tell me which R4 3DS card to buy for hacking 3ds 10.1.0-27? What's the best one to play free 3ds games? And Can i put US region 3ds games with R4 card on 3DS V10.1.0-27J? I have these questions, please help me out! Search online […]

Sky3ds new user FAQ on 3DS 10.1.0-27 with Diskwriter v2.02b1

Sky3ds, as the Unique 3ds game flashcart to be used on 3ds 10.1.0-27 firmware, you guys can buy the card from its USA Reseller SKY-3DS.COM with fast worldwide shipping and 3ds/ds game download code service. When you already have or plan to buy one sky3ds card, i list some sky3ds important fap here for the […]

Does Gateway 3ds support 3ds 10.0.0-27 and What’s GW Emunand v10.0?

To all Gateway 3ds noob, if you want to buy Gateway 3ds card for 3ds 10.0.0-27 firmware or don't know what is Gateway Emunand 3ds 10.0? In order to help you figure out the 2 questions, i wrote the post here. Gateway 3ds supports 3ds 10.0.0-27? No, Gateway 3ds card is still working on 3ds […]

Sky3ds region free on 3ds 10.0,does sky3ds support multi region 3ds roms with Ninjiax 3ds exploit?

Sky3ds region free on 3ds v10.0 is on the way!. You will be soon to play other region 3ds games with Sky3ds and Smeaum's 3ds exploit on both 3DS/NEW 3DS V10.0.0-27 firmware. In his twitter. Smea told us he would update all his 3 3ds exploits to support 3ds v10.0. But for now, if you […]

sky3ds 3ds 10.0 Review|Sky3ds supports on 3ds/n3ds V10.0.0-27!

Do you update your 3DS/NEW 3DS firmware to the latest v10.0? Have you ever got a Sky3ds card to play many 3ds games with one card? Is there any better way to play pirated 3ds games on 3ds/new 3ds 10.0 system? All you want to know about hacking 3ds 10.0 for free 3ds games is […]