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2016 Best Deals of 3DS, 3DS Games and R4 3DS Card(Black Friday)

Dear everyone, by the end of 2016, you can pick up the right place to buy 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS consoles, 3DS Games and R4 3DS Cards while reading the post here. We are listing you the best deals for Black Friday 2016 on these items. Do not miss it, if you plan to get […]

Buy sky3ds with cheap price or from reliable seller?

Like other flashcard, on the SKY3DS official reseller list, there are many online stores we can choose. But which is really a good choice for buying sky3ds? What you should consider when choose a reseller to order? If you can't decide by yourselves, i can share may opinion here. Before buy Sky3ds card, you should […]

Sky3ds latest Game Compatibility in the first half year of 2015

With a regular updating, SKY3DS can support more and more 3ds games from different regions including US, EU, JP, AUS,HR, KS and so on. So if you want to check whether the game you like to play is compatible with sky3ds or not, here is your help. Sky3ds latest updated game US EU JP Other […]

Does Sky3DS support free ds or cia games?

Can SKY3DS support ds game as well as 3ds games? How can i play .cia 3ds games via sky3ds card? If you ask me with the two questions, here is your answer. SKY3DS for DS Roms? Don't put ds roms into sky3ds microsd card, it can't be used on new 3ds/3ds/2ds console to run ds […]

Is SKY3DS Region Free on NEW 3DS?

NEW 3DS Breaking NEWS SKY3DS may have a new way to bypass region lock feature on NEW 3DS(XL,LL) consoles. The recently released NTR CFW can let NEW 3DS console users play other region games on their own host region system. Which means that like regionthree tool for Sky3ds, the NTR CFW 2.2 or lower version […]

How to play free 3ds games without Sky3ds and Gateway?

Feel boried buying 3ds card for 3DS Games? Or worried that the 3ds game flashcard may damage your 3ds console? In fact, my dear 3ds gamers, you have other choice to play free 3ds games, if you are enough luckily, you may enjoy not more than one. Here is the guide you need. Play free […]

NEW 3DS Game Hacking Card for 9.6 3DS XL

My 3ds xl is on the latest version 9.6, so which flash card i should buy for play new 3ds game Xenoblade Chronicles 3D and other mores? I know many of you could have the same question, so replay in the post publicly, hope you can find the right card, other than mistakely choose the r4 card […]