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sky3ds 3ds 10.0 Review|Sky3ds supports on 3ds/n3ds V10.0.0-27!

Do you update your 3DS/NEW 3DS firmware to the latest v10.0? Have you ever got a Sky3ds card to play many 3ds games with one card? Is there any better way to play pirated 3ds games on 3ds/new 3ds 10.0 system? All you want to know about hacking 3ds 10.0 for free 3ds games is […]

3DS/2DS/DS Game Review|Which to play on 3DS XL 9.9?

Dear 3ds or 3ds xl console newer users, if you don't know what is 3ds/2ds/ds game and can't decide which type of game you should choose to play, the post here introduces these 3 type Nintendo games for you in order to help you decide which game to play on the Best Video Game Machine-Nintendo […]

Which flashcart to buy for playing 3ds game on 9.9.0 without getting ban?

If any of you want to play free 3ds game without being ban on 3DS Latest Firmware 9.9.0-26 but don’t know which flashcard to buy, this article is the solution for you. The only Nintendo 3DS Flashcard that can work on NEW 3DS/3DS/2DS 9.9.0-26 is Sky3DS card here. The Nintendo 3DS Flashcard being banned by […]

Amiiqo and Sky3ds| Buy the two 3ds hacking device to enjoy free 3ds games and 200 Amiiqo figures on 3DS/NEW 3DS

In this page, introdue you two hot devices for Nintendo 3DS and NEW 3DS consoles, you should not miss them to play free multi-3ds games and enjoy up to 200 Amiibos figures. They are Sky3ds flashcard and Amiiqo NFC toy emulator separately. If you are interested a little, you can know more at the following. […]

Tutorial|How to put 3ds homebrews launcher on 3DS with or without Sky3ds?

More 3ds hacks are being brought by Sealum. The 3ds developer adds 2 different 3ds homebrew launchers. One is YouTube exploit app(lication) and the other one is IronFall exploit game. So for now, 3ds/new 3ds/2ds handheld users with firmware from v9.0 to v9.9 can install 3ds homebrews with and without Sky3ds flashcard(this is for Cubic […]

Where to download Pokemon 3DS Free Rom for sky3ds card?

Which pokemon 3ds game is your favorite? Do you know a save site to download these pokemon 3ds titles? Have you ever tried playing pokemon 3ds games with one card solution-Sky3DS? If you can't get positive answer on the 3 questions, my post here is a big help to you. 3DS Game Flashcart-Sky3DS Introduce you […]

What is 3DS multicart or multi-game card SKY3DS?

Can you imagine take one card but to play over 30 3ds games? Do you want to put all your favourite 3ds games into a single game cartridge? Are you really knowing what is best for 3DS? In this article, i will introduce you 3DS multicart or multi-game card-SKY3DS. 3DS Multi-game Card Sky3ds 3DS Multi-rom […]

Sky3ds 9.9.0-26 for top 10 3DS Games in 2015?

I have 2 questions on SKY3DS card, is it working on 3ds 9.9.0-26u and which 3ds game does it support? I searched out the best 3ds games in 2015 online, can i play them all with the blue sky3ds? Rely me so i can buy the card from your SKY-3DS.COM. I really appreciate your 3ds […]

3ds sky3ds|How to dump 3ds game to play on 3ds xl?

Do you hear of SKY3DS? Are you willing to play dumped 3ds games on 3ds xl? If you want to hack nintendo 3ds xl for free and multi 3ds game play, here is your best tool. Choose the nintendo 3ds flashcard-Sky3ds. 3ds sky3ds hack The sky3ds is one knid of 3ds game flashcard, it supports […]

3ds hack via sd card|how to play free nintendo 3ds games?

Can we just use 3ds sd card for playing downloaded 3ds game? How to play free nintendo 3ds game on 3ds xl console? If there is a working way, it should be the folloowing. Here introduce the 2 flashcards Gateway 3ds and Sky3ds, which let users play both .cia and 3ds games on 3ds, new […]