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How to get 3DS Game Code after buy Sky3ds+ card from online resellers?

Recently, we often get e-mails from customers of Sky3ds+ plus card, they all ask us the same question, they already order or buy the sky3ds+ or sky3ds card from other online resellers and want to receive the game download code for downloading free 3DS/DS games in Rom2station site. Here, i have to announce that only […]

Blue Sky3ds or Homebrew 2.5, which supports multi-3ds rom on New 3ds ll 10.2?

If you are on new 3ds ll v10.2, how to play multi 3ds roms freely, choose the blue sky3ds card which removes the 10 game limits or smealum's homebrew which supports romhack with the latest 2.5 version? Here is the answer. Blue Sky3ds card Blue button Sky3ds card supports multi-3ds rom on new 3ds ll […]

How to run Homebrews on Nintendo 3ds, considering the browerhax/themehax/tubehax all patched by 10.2?

After the patching of Themehax and Tubehax, browserhax is not avoiding being blocked by Nintendo. For the time being, 3ds 9.9 to higher firmware 3ds/new 3ds console users can’t use it to load Smealum’s latest homebrew 2.5. Is that meaning Nintendo is on the way to patching all free 3ds hacks and what should be […]

Sky3ds vs Gateway vs 3ds 10.2 exploit, which supports 3ds roms on 3ds xl 10.2.0?

At 3ds 10.2.0 firmware, is there a free 3ds exploit to be used for running 3ds roms? Or the charged flashcarts Sky3ds and Gateway 3ds which supports 3ds games are the only working way? For 3ds game fans, you should read this post to choose the best way to play 3ds games. Which 3ds exploit […]

3ds sky3ds|How to dump 3ds game to play on 3ds xl?

Do you hear of SKY3DS? Are you willing to play dumped 3ds games on 3ds xl? If you want to hack nintendo 3ds xl for free and multi 3ds game play, here is your best tool. Choose the nintendo 3ds flashcard-Sky3ds. 3ds sky3ds hack The sky3ds is one knid of 3ds game flashcard, it supports […]

SKY3DS Pokemon,monster hunter 4 and zelda free

After you got the 3DS console, you need a real 3ds game flashcart to enjoy the 3ds games free. The best 3ds game flashcart is the SKY3DS. You can use it to enjoy pokemons,monster hunter 4 and zelda games.  The way SKY3DS team use to hacking 3DS is special, not a 3DS Exploit software, but […]