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What Sky3ds+ V130 firmware can do and can’t do for hacking 3DS 11.3?

Sky3ds+ V130 firmware can hack 3DS or New 3DS 11.3.0 to play free games, yes? What it can do and can't do on the latest 3ds firmware version with the newly updated firmware? Can Sky3ds+ V130 firmware pirates 3DS&DS games, bypass region locking, support Pokemon Sun or Moon finally and how to update Sky3ds plus […]

How to know 3ds firmware version before buy it to play 3ds games with Sky3ds+?

If you are the person who want to know 3ds firmware version firstly before buy it to use Sky3ds+ to play free 3ds games, let me guide you in this post. Here sky-3ds.com lists the New 3DS\XL\2DS firmware by serial in November 2016. Though it is cited from reddit here https://www.reddit.com/r/3dshacks/comments/5ahzdf/new_3dsxl2ds_firmware_by_serial_november_2016/?st=iv0i30tz&sh=df9364c4, we will keep it […]

Play 3ds game-use Sky3ds+ or download rom to 3ds sd card from PC?

After download 3ds rom from PC, can we put them into 3ds sd card to play? If so, how to do that? If not, how can we play downloaded 3ds roms on 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS consoles? My article here will tell you the answer, in order to play Free 3DS Game Rom download online, you […]

Which is the legit site to buy Sky3ds+ plus in Asia(Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia)?

If you are in Asia and want to find a legit site to buy Sky3ds+ plus card, whatever you locate in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia or other countries of this region, you can buy from this site SKY-3DS.COM. Is SKY-3DS.COM a legit site to buy Sky3ds+ plus? Yes, SKY-3DS.COM is authorized by the official SKY3DS team […]

New 3ds tool-Namiio and Sky3ds+, which is better to buy for 3DS and New 3DS console user?

If you just get a 3ds or new 3ds console, there are two 2016 3ds hacking devices you should never miss. They are the Namiio and Sky3ds+ card. What are them? What do they do on the 3ds or new 3ds console? How to choose from them? This post is your answer. What is Namiio […]

Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ supports 3ds games on Emunand or Sysnand 10.7.0-32?

Do you need the 10.7 3ds game flashcard? If so, the flashcards you are looking for are Sky3ds and Sky3ds+(plus) cards. They are 2 different 3ds cards, how to tell from them? Which one supports newer 3ds games and Emunand 10.7? Let me answer you here. How to tell from Sky3ds card and Sky3ds(plus)? So […]

SKY3DS+/SKY3DS SD Card or 3DS SD Card, which pirates 3DS Games to play on 3DS/N3DS?

In this article, that's discuss Sky3ds+/Sky3ds with sd card or 3DS sd card, which let us pirate 3ds games to play on 3DS/N3DS 10.5? I can tell you the answer firstly, If you want to pirate 3ds games only with 3ds sd card, sorry you are making a mistake! The thing that really let you […]

3DS Rom Card 2016|Which one supports Fire Emblem Fates,Hyrule Warriors Legend and more on 3DS?

After viewing the 3ds game list in 2016, you can find some ones are shouldn't be missed for all us 3ds gamers. But is there a way we can play all these games just download them to play and without buying the most expensive retail game card, yes, if you are reading my article, i […]

Sky3ds+ buy| looking for Sky3ds plus US bases reseller with USPS tracking number?

The Sky3ds team will have a holiday soon and don't give out any Sky3ds+ card out for a time, so all of you prepare to buy the card but still hesitate, don't miss the chance, now we sky-3ds.com are getting Sky3ds+ and Sky3ds cards full in USA stock.You should place the order asps,if not, very […]

Do we need to update Sky3ds+ firmware for using on 3DS/N3DS 10.3 or 10.4?

Sky3ds+ card is really coming to us closely, according to the official team, the first batch of orange sky3ds+ cards will be released out on 22th,December. So for everyone pre-order Sky3ds+ card in our site, you can get this card within 3 to 5 days via DHL and within 5 to 10 days via USPS. […]