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How to run Homebrews on Nintendo 3ds, considering the browerhax/themehax/tubehax all patched by 10.2?

After the patching of Themehax and Tubehax, browserhax is not avoiding being blocked by Nintendo. For the time being, 3ds 9.9 to higher firmware 3ds/new 3ds console users can’t use it to load Smealum’s latest homebrew 2.5. Is that meaning Nintendo is on the way to patching all free 3ds hacks and what should be […]

Is Dstwo plus better than Sky3ds for playing 3DS/DS/GBA games on 3ds console?

In the near future, we will welcome a new 3ds flashcart to play 3ds games, the card is supercard dstwo plus. Which claims it can support 3DS, NDS, GBA and SNES games with one card on Nintendo 3ds family consoles. However, is that meaning dstwo plus better than sky3ds card for hacking 3ds? the new […]

Sky3ds new user FAQ on 3DS 10.1.0-27 with Diskwriter v2.02b1

Sky3ds, as the Unique 3ds game flashcart to be used on 3ds 10.1.0-27 firmware, you guys can buy the card from its USA Reseller SKY-3DS.COM with fast worldwide shipping and 3ds/ds game download code service. When you already have or plan to buy one sky3ds card, i list some sky3ds important fap here for the […]

Where to buy 3ds card sky3ds in Spain for 3ds/new 3ds 10.1.0-27?

If you are spanish and looking for a sky3ds card reseller to purchase sky 3ds, i can show you one here, sky-3ds.com. Why you should buy 3ds SKY3DS, choose sky-3ds.com, you can find answers in thIs article. 3ds card Sky3DS Firstly, you should know, 3ds card here doesn’t mean 3ds retail game card. 3ds card […]

Does Sky3ds support GBA/NES/homebrew game with Ninjhax 2.0?

Can't wait for sharing you the news on SKY3DS. This card is finally supporting GBA/NES/Homebrew games on 3ds/new 3ds console with the help of Ninjhax 2.0. What't more, sky3ds is confirmed that work with 2.0 Ninjhax to run cross region 3ds games on 3ds 9.9. Want to know how to do that? This post shows […]

Which is the best 3ds game flashcard for new 3ds xl 9.9.0?

Sky3ds, Gateway 3ds and MT-card, which can be used on new 3ds xl 9.9.0 and which one is the best 3ds game supported card for the new 3ds firmware 9.9? If you want to choose the right 3ds game hacking card for your new 3ds xl/3ds xl 9.9 console, read the article firstly. 3ds game […]

3ds sky3ds|How to dump 3ds game to play on 3ds xl?

Do you hear of SKY3DS? Are you willing to play dumped 3ds games on 3ds xl? If you want to hack nintendo 3ds xl for free and multi 3ds game play, here is your best tool. Choose the nintendo 3ds flashcard-Sky3ds. 3ds sky3ds hack The sky3ds is one knid of 3ds game flashcard, it supports […]

Where to get sky3ds latest supported 3ds rom from reliable source?

The sky3ds team is being busy with supporting more and more 3ds games all the time. We can say every 2 to 5 days, the card will have a newest template file, which is added into the new supported 3ds titles. So all the users of sky3ds card can play more New and Old 3ds […]

Is Sky3ds be banned for online game and how to solve it?

I know many of you have the question that does SKY3DS support game online and what can do to play online 3ds game with sky3ds flash card. So, in this post, i will explain to you all the thing about sky3ds for online 3ds game. Does Sky3ds support 3ds game online? Yes, as the official […]

R4 3DS, Sky3DS or QQ3DS, Whihc to buy for 3DS/2DS 9.7?

For 2DS/3DS console users who updated firmware to the latest 9.7, which is the best flashcard to buy for playing pirated games? R4 3DS, SKY3DS or QQ3DS card, here compares the three products, hope you can find what you really need for 2DS/3DS with firmware 9.7. R4 3DS for 2DS/3DS 9.7 R4 3ds flashcart can paly […]