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Easiest way to play 3DS/SFC/SNES games with Sky3ds on 3ds gaming device!

Sky3ds is your easiest and best way to play free 3DS/SFC/SNES games on Nintendo 3ds console. Even for 3ds latest firmware 10.1, you guys can play these 3 type games on 3ds and 3ds xl handheld with sky3ds, ninjhax 2.1 and SFC/SNES emulators. Don't know how to do? Here is the simple guide for you. […]

How to play free games on 3ds v9.2 to v10.1 without transfer .3ds to .cia?

This post is aming to tell you how to play free 3ds games on 3ds firmware version from v9.2 to v10.1 without 3ds cfw. Either no need for transfering .3ds to .cia which must be difficult to you, or put some files to your 3ds sd card which may damage the 3ds system. You only need one card-SKY3DS. […]

NEW 3DS VS 3DS VS 2DS, which is the best to play 3ds games with sky3ds?

Nintendo 3ds family console is fully hacked by sky3ds card. Whatever you have 3ds, new 3ds or 2ds handheld, you can play free downloaded 3ds games with sky3ds on these video game devices. But if you are not sure, which 3ds handheld is best to play 3ds games with sky3ds? I can help you make […]

What’s the difference of R4 3DS and R4 Gateway when work on 3DS XL 10.1?

R4 3ds and R4 gateway, how are them hacking 3DS XL? What are their differences? Which one to buy for playing free 3ds games on 3DS XL 10.1? If you are 3ds flashcart noob, read this post, you will find the correct 3ds game flashcart for your 3ds xl/ll console with 10.1.0-27 firmware. R4 3DS […]

Sky3ds vs 3ds exploit 10.1, which to choose for playing free 3ds games on 10.1.0-27?

There are some 3ds exploits can work on 3ds v10.1, but is there anyone can be used to play downloaded 3ds games? If there is, between sky3ds and 3ds 10.1 working exploit, which is better for 10.1.0-27 version? If you also wonder to know, let me tell you the whole story. List of 3DS Exploits […]

Where to buy 3ds card sky3ds in Spain for 3ds/new 3ds 10.1.0-27?

If you are spanish and looking for a sky3ds card reseller to purchase sky 3ds, i can show you one here, sky-3ds.com. Why you should buy 3ds SKY3DS, choose sky-3ds.com, you can find answers in thIs article. 3ds card Sky3DS Firstly, you should know, 3ds card here doesn’t mean 3ds retail game card. 3ds card […]