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3ds 11.0 flashcard, which is the cheapest one to buy for playing 3ds games?

Among the flashcards updated for 3ds 11.0.0-33, which one supports 3ds emualtion, which one is the cheapest to buy for playing free 3ds games, if we use Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ on 3ds 11.0, we can access eshop and download game update or dhl with no ban? If you guys have these questions, I'm here to answer them […]

Sky3ds blue button card can be updated to Sky3ds+(plus) to play new 3ds games?

If you are the blue button sky3ds card user, do you know the latest sky3ds version Sky3ds Plus? Have you ever experienced 3ds games can't be supported by sky3ds? Want to update Sky3ds V2 to Sky3ds V3 without buying the new card? If you feel the same feeling with me, my article is written just […]

Which are the New 3DS Releases or Games throughout the whole year of 2016?

Reveiled from a Nintendo Direct video today, we will have the following 3DS Games to play through winter, spring and beyond in this 2016. They and old 3ds games already in the market all can play by one single card-Sky3ds+. Yes, it is the 3ds flashcard which supports 3DS Games on all 3ds family consoles, […]

10.6.0-31 is released, how to update Sky3ds or Sky3ds+ plus card for working on 3DS/NEW 3DS 10.6?

Nintendo updates firmwareto 10.6.0-31. What's its influence to 3ds rom cards Sky3ds+(plus) and Sky3ds, the 2 flashcards support directly? is blocked by 3ds sysnand 10.6 or need to update for working on 2ds/3ds/n3ds consoles with 10.6 firmware? In this post, let me reply you. Sky3ds+ and Sky3ds cards support 3DS 10.6.0? From Sky3ds.com News part […]