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Which nintendo 3ds game we can play on Android or Iphone?

Nintendo 3ds games can be only played on 3ds consoles? Is there any 3ds rom for Android or Iphone? Or we need to download some app to play 3ds game on our smartphone? If you also have interest to play 3ds games on Android or Apple phone but don’t know how to do it, here […]

2016 3DS Games Summary, what are the top 3 and how to play them with one flashcard?

In the whole year of 2016, Nintendo releases a lot of 3ds games, but what are the best 3 we must have and can we play them with one flash cartridge Sky3ds+? Here is the answer. The Best 3 Nintendo 3DS games in 2016 Rank 1-Pokemon Moon&Sun Pokemon Sun And Pokemon Moon Is The Game To […]

Sky3ds+ and Pokemon SUMO, does Sky3ds+ support them or lead to online ban?

To Sky3ds+ cart user, if you are looking for place to download Pokemon Sun&Moon to play on 3DS, you are worrying for using Sky3ds+ to play Pokemon Sun or Moon, you do not know when can you play the 2 latest Pokemon games with Sky3ds plus cart, SKY-3DS.COM will give you there. Sky3ds+ supports to […]

3DS Emulator Guide|Is Citra much easier to use for playing 3ds games than Sky3ds+?

Here show you the newest 3DS Emulator-Citra User Guide in 2016, the Citra has been upgraded a lot in this year, can be used on PC to play more 3DS games with stable performance, if you still not get a 3DS console, but want to play 3ds games freely, install the Citra on your computer […]

Sites sell Sky3ds Plus with cheap price or free gift are reliable to buy?

Some Sky3ds plus sites sell Sky3ds+ with cheap price less than 80$, other Sky3ds resellers offer this card with a free Ace3ds plus, but are they the good or reliable online stores to buy Sky3ds+/Sky3ds plus card? Let me do some analysis for you here. Buy Sky3ds plus card from sites sell it with cheap […]

3 ideas let you play DS 3DS games better on 3DS XL

The New Idea plays Free DS 3DS games on 3DS XL has been come true already. Plus, we can play Hundreds of DS or 3DS roms on 3DS/NEW 3DS(xl) consoles with only 2 flashcarts. How can we do that and what are the 2 flashcarts, let me show you here. What's the new idea for […]

How to use browserhax or menuhax on 3DS 11.0 to play free 3ds ds roms ?

The latest Browerhax and Menuhax are letting you Homebrew 3DS 11.0 without buying any 3ds game card. So, how to isntall them on 3DS 11.0.0-33E/U/J and whether they support DS 3DS rom pirating or not? Let me reply you here. Browerhax and Menuhax From Yellows8 Browerhax: If your 3DS is on a compatible version, you […]

10 reasons you must have a 3DS not only a phone to play Pokemon Games?

Smartphone is not the best device to play Pokemon game, though Pokemon Go is so hot for now. In fact, the Nintendo 3DS is much better to play pokemon release, especially currently there are many Fantastic pokemon 3ds games to play, such as the Pokemon X&Y, Alpha sapphire&Omega Ruby and the upcoming Pokemon Sun&Moon. Why […]

How to setup Smilehax on old and new 3ds without Sky3ds plus card?

Smilehax is the latest 3ds homebrew entrypoint released by Plutoo. Differ from his first exploit which named Freakhax, Smilehax can’t be installed on O3DS/N3DS consoles with 3DS Game hacking card-Sky3ds plus. What’s the reason and how to setup Smilehax on Nintendo 3DS without Sky3ds+, you can kow here. Why Sky3ds plus can’t be used to […]

How to crack Pokemon Go to play on 3DS with Sky3ds+?

Can we play Pokemon Go not only on smart phones but Nintendo 3DS consoles? Will Sky3ds+ hack Pokemon Go to play freely on 3DS or NEW 3DS? For guys of you who can’t access this Hottest Nintendo Mobile Game currently, I will give you the solution here. What’s Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go supports iOS and […]