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Sky3ds+ review|Is Sky3ds+ the best 3ds rom card to buy in 2016?

In this article, you can find a full review on Sky3ds+ card, its card appearence,its usage,its change from the sky3ds,its functions,its game compatibility and so on.To whom ever plan to buy the flashcard, you should read this Sky3ds+ review.One thing has to be said clearly here firstly, the Sky3ds+ card supports 3ds/new 3ds games, don’t support […]

R4 3DS Red or Orange Sky3ds+, which to buy for playing Latest 3DS Games?

The R4 3DS Red card or Sky3ds+ with orange button version, which one can run the latest 3DS Games such as Mario&Luigi/MHX/FEIf/Animal Crossing/Legend Of Zelda Triforce Heros freely on Nintendo 3DS family machines? The answer should be Orange SKY3DS+ card. Orange SKY3DS+ Introduction Are you waiting for a flashcard with which you can play all […]

2016 3DS Card-Sky3ds+, Dstwo Plus or Gateway 3ds, which is the best?

For the upcoming year 2016, which is the best 3ds flashcard to buy, sky3ds+, gateway 3ds or dstwo plus items, if you can’t decide which to choose, let me help you here. 3DS Card SKY3DS+ SKY3DS+ also called SKY3DS Plus is the third version SKY3DS card from sky3ds.com. The new card with better functions and […]

Sky3DS+| Sky3DS with 2 orange buttons removes AP check and support Homebrews on 3DS

New Sky3DS card is coming! The official team release orange button Sky3DS+ to play 3DS Games with more powerful functions. Solving new 3ds games AP checks, supporting homebrews without other 3ds exploit and with updatable firmware. The latest Sky3DS card is a totally new product from sky3ds.com. Before the Sky3ds+ formal release, let me introduce […]

SKY3DS blue version or Gateway 3ds,which is better for NEW 3DS?

If you are considering buy a 3ds game flashcard for NEW 3DS(XL), here are the main products for supporting free downloaded 3ds/3ds xl roms on N3DS/N3DS XL console, they are the SKY3DS with blue button version and Gateway 3DS cards. So which one is better 3ds game supported card for new 3ds, if you guys […]