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Updated SKY3DS Roms support on 3DS/N3DS V9.6.0

SKY3DS is officially announced that it is compatible with v9.6.0-24 3DS/N3DS/2DS consoles. And some hours ago, the team also updated its Template file to 0326 version. Add more 3ds games to play by SKY3DS card, for now, all users can play more than 400 3ds games from different regions via it. So, what’s your reason […]

How to play 3ds roms on 3DS V9.6.0-24 without downgrade firmware?

I know some guys of you usually search for ways to downgrading 3ds firmware to play 3ds roms via Gateway 3ds card, but in fact it is not a good idea. Complicated steps, Dengerous to 3DS System and you only can downgrade to the pointed firmare other than you can choose freely. So for all […]

Which rom can I play with Sky3ds card?

I got your SKY3DS card today, which 3ds rom i can play with the card? I have a american 3ds, is it meaning that i can only play US region games or it support Multi5 language tool? Cited these questions from some of our sky3ds customers, share the answers here for guys who have the […]

How to use SKY3DS for playing 3DS Games and Where to buy in US?

Which card to buy for playing hacked 3ds games on 3DS/3DS XL/NEW 3DS for free, even on the 3DS with the latest firmware version, the answer is SKY3DS. Here show you the detailded totorial on How to use SKY3DS for playing 3DS Games and the good place to buy SKY3DS in US and Canada. How […]