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Sky3ds blue button card can be updated to Sky3ds+(plus) to play new 3ds games?

If you are the blue button sky3ds card user, do you know the latest sky3ds version Sky3ds Plus? Have you ever experienced 3ds games can't be supported by sky3ds? Want to update Sky3ds V2 to Sky3ds V3 without buying the new card? If you feel the same feeling with me, my article is written just […]

Sky3ds/Sky3ds+ supports 3ds games on Emunand or Sysnand 10.7.0-32?

Do you need the 10.7 3ds game flashcard? If so, the flashcards you are looking for are Sky3ds and Sky3ds+(plus) cards. They are 2 different 3ds cards, how to tell from them? Which one supports newer 3ds games and Emunand 10.7? Let me answer you here. How to tell from Sky3ds card and Sky3ds(plus)? So […]

What’s the 2016 new version Sky3ds card, support 3ds and cia games?

Stop if you are preparing to buy the blue button sky3ds card now! I want to share you a good news, sky3ds.com already releases a totally new 3ds flashcard in this year, the card with 2 orange buttons is named Sky3ds+. You can know more about the card in this article. 2016 new version Sky3ds card-Sky3ds+ Sky3ds+(plus) is […]

10.5 Update|Which sky3ds version is not blocked by 3DS/N3DS 10.5.0?

Another 3DS Update is coming, now we have the newest 10.5.0-30 3DS Firmware. For those who are not sure 3ds cards Sky3ds support 3ds games on 10.5.0 or not? I will show you the Video on Blue Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ playing 3DS Games on 10.5.0-30U firmware and instruct you to choose the right version Sky3ds […]

DSTWO+ 1.05 Plugin removed for security reason, is this card save to buy as Sky3ds and R4?

Shorter than 1 day, the newly updated DSTWO V1.05 GW Plugin is removed by the official team. They said users reported safety problems. And told the Dstwo Plus card users still download the GW V1.03 plugin to play 3DS Games. It is known that Dstwo+ card works with GW hacking method to support 3DS Roms. […]