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3DS CFW VS 3DS Homebrew VS SKY3DS+, which supports 3ds games in 2018?

Nowadays, we welcome  new revolutions of 3DS games. But as a game player, do you have the hard time to have a clear mind of 3DS CFW, 3DS Homebrew and SKY3DS+? Do you know which one can support 3DS games? Here we will introduce the detail information to you. What’s 3DS CFW?  CFW means Custom firmware, […]

Sky3ds+ can’t play 2017 3ds games or only just the Pokemon Sun&Moon?

Perhaps you already know that Sky3ds and Sky3ds+ both can’t support Pokemon Sun or Moon, so it will come a question, does Sky3ds plus only couldn’t play Pokemon Sun&Moon or it will not be compatible with future 3ds games released in December and 2017? In this post, we are glad to give you some explanation. […]

10 reasons you must have a 3DS not only a phone to play Pokemon Games?

Smartphone is not the best device to play Pokemon game, though Pokemon Go is so hot for now. In fact, the Nintendo 3DS is much better to play pokemon release, especially currently there are many Fantastic pokemon 3ds games to play, such as the Pokemon X&Y, Alpha sapphire&Omega Ruby and the upcoming Pokemon Sun&Moon. Why […]

How to crack Pokemon Go to play on 3DS with Sky3ds+?

Can we play Pokemon Go not only on smart phones but Nintendo 3DS consoles? Will Sky3ds+ hack Pokemon Go to play freely on 3DS or NEW 3DS? For guys of you who can’t access this Hottest Nintendo Mobile Game currently, I will give you the solution here. What’s Pokemon Go? Pokemon Go supports iOS and […]

Where and How to get Free 3ds download code in US and EU?

What’s 3ds download code, how and where to get them for free? Here, let me give you multiple solutions. The 3ds download code I talk here can mean to the eshop 3ds download code and private code for downloading 3ds/ds games in one save and reliable online site. One is letting you get free games, […]

The best tile of it’s genre for the 3ds, which are the popular 3ds games in 2016?

Which are the best RPG/Strategy/Action/other genre games to play on Nintendo 3DS? In this post, let me share and introduce you some hot titles, all these games you can play with one 3ds flash card Sky3ds+. 3DS Game recommendation accordiong to genres RPG game for 3DS Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Fire Emblem Awakening Tales of […]

Gateway 3DS GW 4.0b released, how to use it to downgrade 3ds and install A9lh on 3DS/N3DS?

Gateway 3ds 4.0 beta firmware is released privately. The promised GW Time machine app allow us to downgarde old 3ds/3ds xl firmware to 2.x and GW A9lh installer also can be found in GW Mode Menu. Then, I will show you the content of Gateway Private 4.0 Beta and the tutorial of GW V4.0b on […]

Gateway 3ds ultra supports 11.0, Time Machine app, A9LH Installer released already?

Do we have new Gateway ultra supports 11.0, Time Machine app and A9LH Installer now, cause the date which Gateway 3ds team promise for releasing is already passed. The answer is Not yet. But something is really updated in gateway-3ds.com. What’s it and will we get Gateway ultra 4.0(or other version) in this Month? Please […]

Review of 3DS Emulator and 3DS Game Emulator Sky3ds+ in 2016

Any 3ds emulator in 2016 is good enough to use for playing 3ds games on PC, Android or Mac? Do you know the 3DS Game Emulator card Sky3ds+? In this article, you will know the current status of 3DS emulator and the best 3DS game Emulator Sky3ds+. 3DS Emulation in 2016 3DS Emulation is starting […]

Monster Hunter Generations and New Nintendo 3DS XL with this game can be hacked by Sky3ds+?

Hot news, Monster Hunter Generations 3ds game is finally confirmed by Nintendo will be released on July 15th in Europe and North America.Plus, not only the game, a special edition New Nintendo 3DS XL console with pre-stalled Monster Hunter Generations is going to be available in the 2 regions too. In Europe the special edition […]