【New】Team Xecute SX OS 3.0 coming back soon with 6.2.0 firmware support

That’s the good news from the team Xecuter long awaited, the update of CFW SX OS will be released soon, it is version 3.0! As we know, the SX OS v2.3 or lower is not compatible with the Nintendo Switch v6.2.0 firmware, while now the CFW Atmosphere, ReiNX and Hekate all support the hack switch v6.2, and that’s finally the back of SX OS v3.0 !!! When will it be announced? new features yet? Come see more!

SX OS v3.0, what happens when?

Christmas is fast approaching, and the team tx gift for SX Pro and SX OS users is SX OS v3.0, which can crack the latest Nintendo Switch firmware v6.2.0, and more again ! See the official news below:

Welcome To Our New Team-Xecuter Community Support Forums!

Where all of our loyal users gather to discuss our products and get support and help each other out!

PLEASE NOTE: This will be our (soon-to-launch) Super-Smashing TX Community Forums, which we are currently preparing to go alongside our next editions of SX OS releases, which will of course include full support for the latest v6.2 Nintendo Switch firmware, along with more smashing new features as usual with each new release from your caring TX development team!

As usual people have been contacting us for ETA, when there is news you will see it as usual on our TX Front-Page, in the meantime, please use our current outdated TX Forums, which are still fully active and packed full of useful tips and tutorials, and hope you enjoy watching the video below, and refreshing this page hourly!

Unfortunately we do not know the release date of sx os v3.0, for cons it is certainly before Christmas. Even more patience, and I think that the os os v3.0 is worth waiting because it will bring more features than expected. That’s what the TX team could provide you in the SX OS 3.0.

SX OS 3.0, Atmosphere v0.8.1 and ReiNX 2.0, what is the best CFW?

Now that all CFWs are compatible with the Nintendo Switch v6.2 (except RajNX for now), what is the best choice for cracker NX completely?

the hacker Jbam said:

It is not missing that SX OS … it is past or the very good ReiNX?

If not in the new things that will propose sx os 3.0, would not there be precisely the hack of the news switch?

By cons the question that I ask is why other CFW still do not offer XCI, emunand and USB support?

and another player pointed out below:

  • The game NSP must copy it on the SD CARD then install on the Nand or Sd card and frankly it’s long depending on the game.
  • The launch of an XCI game is much simpler and no need to install it on the NAND and suddenly this is yet another protection.
  • The support of USB is really great for the support of large libraries, not to mention emunand which is really a big plus for protection.

In short, the free CFW such as atmosphere are free it’s true but they are not powerful enough that SX OS CFW, the free trick would never be better than the one paying!

If you want to better enjoy the Nintendo Switch hack, the CFW SX OS is absolutely the best choice!

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