The tutorials of installing CFW and homebrew on Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch hack scene is growing beyond our imagination, only a few months later, we are getting a lot of progress on Nintendo Switch modchips, homebrews and emulators. Especially the launch of Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS. In this article, we will show you the latest update on each Nintendo Switch homebrew.

ReiNX, a new free CFW for Nintendo Switch

This is a free CFW created by the developer Reisyukaku, it returns to the front of the scene Switch underground with its promise, ReiNX, a custom firmware bootloader. In the manner of Hekate in its launch, it is not a complete CFW and is not based on an implemented build of atmosphere. Currently, it allows us to change the boot screen and it can start the hbmenu.

It is through a YouTube video that we can see the said CFW in action. The developer gives no information on the capabilities offered. The only thing we can see is that he has changed the boot screen and can start the hbmenu. But indeed, Rei says that it is a simple and modular CFW, and that everything works independently of each other, and he also works on a custom sysmodule for ReiNX.For now he wishes maintain the modularity of the codebase and focus on custom sysmodules. You can find additional information here.
The developer gives no information on the capabilities offered. The only thing we can see is that he has changed the boot screen and can start the hbmenu. The official website of the developer lists a Custom Firmware for the switch called ReiNX and a Github will be available soon. The steps of installing ReiNX are difficult. But there are some warnings :
If you brick your Switch somehow- which would be impressive, honestly- I’m not responsible for that. If you follow these instructions to the letter, you’ll have a working and more importantly sexy custom firmware on your system that will suit all your legal needs!
Installing NSP files is going to get you banned. This is only for people who are indifferent about being banned or have been banned already. You were warned. 

What’s the Atmosphere for installing CFW on Nintendo Switch?

The atmosphere is a Custom Firmware. That means it will be available from when you boot the device. CFW could enable many things such as custom themes, installable apps/games/homebrew, patches to the firmware to remove restrictions, enable pirated games, enable from translations, potentially add folders, allow for overclocking, emunand, etc. HBL allows for us to run homebrew apps and games. That means we can run emulators, original games, home-made apps like a youtube frontend (eventually lol), save managers, etc. These apps can’t be installed to the console and must be accessed through the WebKit vuln every reboot. Generally, HBL-style hacks allow us to run our own content whereas CFW allows us to run that and alter the underlying OS.

Atmosphere CFW for Nintendo Switch is not ready yet. Most consoles that have been fully opened allow online play and the rest of normal functions with no drawbacks. Speaking from the ds, 3ds, pspwii and wii u era, a CFW is just an augmentation that is often undetectable or not worth banning you for. People that get banned are ban because they cheat online or otherwise do something that could adversely affect legit players.

How to use Xecuter SX OS for running Homebrews and CFW on the Nintendo Switch ?


This method is developed by the Team Xecuter, they make 2 SX products for us to hack the Nintendo Switchto boot CFW, play game Backups, and run Homebrews. They are the Xecuter SX Pro and the Xecuter SX OS. SX Pro is a kit for Nintendo Switch, it includes a jig, a usb dongle and the SX OS license code.

Buy it, you can jailbreak your Nintendo Switch easily, safely and cheaply! The SX OS is a Switch CFW-OS license code, by getting it, you can get the OS CFW for your Nintendo Switch console. It is supporting all Switch firmwares and region consoles, including the V5.1.0. 

If you purchase the Xecuter SX Pro to hack the Nintendo Switch V5.1 for installing CFW, Homebrews and game Backups, you can just do the 3steps to finish the homebrew. This requires the homebrew menu files to be present on your MicroSD card

  1. Copy “hbmenu.nro” here and put it in the root of your MicroSD card and create a “Switch” folder.
  2. Copy all your homebrew titles into subfolders under the “SWITCH” directory on the MicroSD card. Turn on the Switch console.
  3. Hold down the “R” key while selecting “Album” to access the hb menu (homebrew menu). You will see the list of software below.


In any case, where is the legite to buy Xecuer SX Pro and OS for hacking Nintendo Swiutch? Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS allow you to play free games on all consoles under all firmware versions. It’s the most economical solution to crack the Switch so far I assure you that you will not regret it if you have chosen it. Currently, SX OS V1.3 allows us to play eshop games, it’s really good news. Of course, it’s very important to choose a reliable site to make a purchase of Xecuter SX OS or SX Pro. I highly recommend our website, we can offer you the best service before and after the sale. Do not hesitate to make a purchase with us.