[Tip] How to customize its theme and menu on Nintendo Switch?

You have the chance today to find this post and we will learn how to install custom themes and menus on your beloved Nintendo Switch console. Of course, the modification of the original system requires a switch jailbreak, so it’s a tutorial for hacked switches, by the SX Pro or SX Gear. Now the Qcean Team presents the customization of themes, menus and lockscreen on the Nintendo Switch. The trick is based on the modification of qlaunch, which is actually the menu of the Switch.

What do we do with the modified qlaunch?

We are still thinking about changing the Switch theme or installing a favorite photo as the system menu, and now everything is possible thanks to hack Nintendo Switch, or precisely the hack of the Team Xecuter. The latest version of SX OS 2.0 supports Layeredfs which allows you to choose different qlaunch mods.

But not that, you can customize even more configurations on your Nintendo Switch:

  • Custom background colors (with gradients and the ability to change the colors of the corners)
  • Editing the layout (which means you can move things)
  • Custom background images
  • Edit / change text
  • Edit / change cursor
  • Edit / change icons
  • Color change of the lock screen
  • Changing the color of the parameters

How to customize the theme and the menu of the Switch?

You have a video tutorial here

It’s not complicated at all if you have already hacked your Nintendo Switch and installed the CFW SX OS. In addition the Qcean team introduced us to a tool to create the theme itself, named qlaunch_backgrounds.

For example, you want to put a Pikachu theme as we have shown below:

Just buy a SX Pro to crack your Nintendo Switch and then put this Stich-Pikachu-krokmou.rar file in the SDcard / sxos / titles / 010000000000100D / directory.

With SX OS 2.0, LayeredFS is functional under firmware 6.0.0 according to the SX team. So you can hack your Nintendo Switch as you want even if you are in 6.0.0!


The Qlaunch software is still a beta version that has a lot of bugs still to be fixed, it is better to wait for the update of the Qcean team:

  • The dark theme is just the darkened light theme, which means you will have to choose a theme for each mod
  • Mod distribution will be illegal unless a custom file format is introduced to legally patch qlaunch. The Qcean Team is currently working on this topic.
  • The two rows of icons have a bug, it’s a problem we put a lot of time on
  • Some things do not change color because they are specific to certain applications

In any case, the qlaunch method is the first to customize its theme and menu on Nintendo Switch 6.0, we do not know if other CFW such as ReiNX or Atmosphere is compatible or not, but currently the ultimate solution to jailbreak your Nintendo Switch is absolutely the SX OS.

Hack completely Nintendo Switch 6.0 to play free games

Knowing the customization of the theme and the menu is only one of the hacker bonuses of its Switch, once the Nintendo Switch console is hacked under sx os CFW, you will have more fun without limit:

  • Play free games, including eshop games
  • install homebrews
  • install emulators for retrogaming
  • install the emuNAND or dump the NAND
  • surfing the net
  • Moreover …

Thanks to SX OS 2.0 which brought us the emuNAND on Nintendo Switch, we can now play newer games and even online, without risk of ban in theory! In short, it’s time to get SX Pro for your Nintendo Switch and release it!