SX OS-All erros, problems and their solutions on Nintendo Switch

Many players prefer to buy an SX OS license code that costs only 30$ to completely hack its Nintendo Switch. Compared to Xecuter SX Pro, the SX OS license is actually a CFW for Switch to install, you need to know a little computer to successfully crack the Switch. On the other hand, users have encountered the problem or misunderstandings with the SX OS, and their SX OS does not work! Do not worry now, find your solutions in our blog here!

Possible problems on SX OS

Xecuter SX OS users have had different problems but in summary, they can no longer play backups of games on their Nintendo Switch, the details as below:

  • I have 2 games on my SD card, minecraft switch edition and Sonic Mania both in XCI format. they both appear in the manager, but when I load one of them, I get a black screen saying, “The game card can not be played, please re-insert the game card.”
  • I bought my switch a month after its release and it is on fw 3.0.2. far enough in super Mario RPG now. I checked online and the games I’m trying to run only require 3.0.2. While I’ve heard about card games2, I’m not sure these games are, but I have to use sx os v1.3 for everything to work.
  • I’m sure the SD card is good. it’s a sandisk 64 GB SD card I found at walmart when I bought the switch. the Roma each had a SFV file and I checked them, they were fine. I even checked them while they were on the SD card to make sure they had not lost anything during the transfer, still fine. I do not understand what I’m doing wrong.

Namely the SX OS is a code composed in numbers and number to allow you to install the CFW SX team Xecuter. It is always sent by mail and you will need a USB dongle to inject the payload and a plastic jig to enter the RCM mode. Of course, the other two tools are found by yourself. And then you can use the sx os as a Nintendo Switch hack kit as if the SX Pro.

So if one day the downloaded game roms do not run as detailed above, you can try these methods first:

  • Backup / Simply dump your own game cartridges
  • This is because your firmware on the switch is too low, you need 4.0+ for these games. You can update the firmware of your switch.
  • These are the problems of the Micro SD card. Try another card.

Possible causes of the problems and their proposed solutions

To be more precise, a non-functional sx os had causes below and you can better know the CFW SX OS license. You will also find a corresponding solution here.

SD Cards from SX OS

NOTE: If your console can not read the ROMs after a SX OS CFW is normally installed on the Switch, in the event of an error, this may be due to an SD card problem. Problems with your SD card when running SX OS or a game card error, please check your SD card.

  • First, format your SD card on the Switch console instead of the computer, if on the PC, it is impossible to play your .XCI ROM games by SD card.
  • If there is no formatting problem, because your card may be fake with software like H2testw. What will happen here is that your computer will see the advertised capacity (say 128GB), but the card may actually be a 32GB modified to appear as a 128GB card. On your computer, it will appear that you have a capacity of your memory card and that your ROM games are copied to the root of the card, but that anything that is not actually stored on the card will not be visible on the SX OS system. Please try to abort if your card is original before reporting SD card errors.

Incorrect configuration for SX OS

Boot.Dat? : The Boot.Dat file is already downloaded, but the CFW of SX OS does not work yet

Solution 1: Make sure Boot.Dat is placed at the root of the SD card

Solution 2: Try to reformat your SD card using your computer, insert it into the Switch console and format it again, then add all the files. The problem could be the format on the map.

  • I have not yet received my code (SX Pro): How can I start the games?

Solution: The license code is linked to the USB dongle of SX Pro, simply switch to RCM mode with the dongle enabled and Boot.Dat files at the root of the memory card. This will give you the choice to activate online with Wi-Fi, or take a file from your computer to activate it via the official Team Xecuter website.

  • Can I use multiple SD cards? My card is too small and I would like to use multiple cards with the same license.

Solution: Yes, the license is related to the console. Simply copy the Boot.Dat file to the new map. Remember that you need to restart in CFW every time you change SD card.

  • How to enter the SX OS menu? (Mainly on Auto RCM): If I want to remove Auto RCM, run OFW or run other payloads, how can I do it?

Solution: Keep the volume + while you start cold when you enter RCM, this will activate the menu again.

  • Server response error or loss of license_request.dat

Solution: Unable for Auto RCM and continue booting in RCM mode, but the payload can not generate the license-request.dat file on the SD card or accept the SX OS license key once started and selecting the album. So there is an error like that.

  • The game is not displayed: XCI game added to the root folder, but the game does not appear on the game list. (It was with a Japanese Bayonetta 1 card)

Solution 1: Try renaming the .XCI file first, removing all special characters and keeping the name as short as possible. This can interfere with the appearance of the game.

Solution 2: Try to make a second backup. If the first one was cut, try to keep it intact and see if it changes the result.

Solution 3: Try to transfer the games one by one instead of several at a time. This can create problems due to fragmentation of the file during a mass transfer

Solution 4: Avoid using Linux or OSX (Mac) because they could fragment the file transfer. – Based on user reports

Solution 5: Try reformatting your card to Fat 32 or exFat, then reformat your Switch. Caution: SAVE YOUR LICENSE FILES IN ADVANCE!

These are our tips for you all users of SX OS, and finally another warning to remember is that the license code is a dematerialized and unique product, that is to say, once you have downloaded the file “License.dat” from the official website, code sx os has run out and can not download it again if you lose the file by chance … and impossible to return the product to be refunded!

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