Tutorial-How to crack / hack his Nintendo Switch

Want to learn how to hack your Nintendo Switch in order to have free games? Follow the guide !


The hack methods are likely to evolve. The best method valid today where I write these lines may no longer be valid in 2 years. I will still try to keep the article up-to-date.

You will need a little bit of equipment, it will take you 40-50$, now you can enjoy special discount code on Sky-3ds.com, just mail admin@sky-3ds.com to get it.

You need :

  • An SX Pro sold for example at the legit site Sky-3ds.com. You can go there to enjoy special discount code, they are serious, quick, and ship from USA/EU.
  • A micro SD card. You can freely choose the capacity, but given the size of the games Switch, I recommend at least a 128GB card, it will allow you to put a dozen games.
  • And above all, especially, a switch compatible with the frozen flare fault. This is a flaw that can not be fixed for Nintendo, but only found in switches sold in the first year, the following being fixed. That represents about 10 million Switch in the world, it is necessary to turn on the market of the occasion if you are not equipped.

Getting started

We start by formatting its micro SD card in exFat format. We download the latest version of the SX OS.

We copy / paste the firmware.bin file to the root of the micro SD card. We activate the wifi of its Switch, then it turns off completely (for this, we let press the start button so that the switch off appears).

Insert the micro SD card into the console, remove the right joystick, slide the tool into the joycon rail to the bottom, insert the dongle into the USB-C port. Turn on the console by pressing the start button and the volume + button.

As soon as the screen of the SX OS appears, you can remove the dongle and the tool, and put back its right joycon. We touch the screen to start on “boot custom FW”.

There the console seems to start as usual.

We enter the album of the console. A special menu should appear. Start by activating your SX OS license with internet, it only takes a few seconds. That’s it, everything is over!