[Tutorial] How to install FreeShop on any 3DS with V11.6?

In this tutorial, we will introduce you how to install Freeshop on any 3DS firmware device with V11.6 such as the 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS XL and 2DS XL 11.6.0-39 console, so you will know the free way to play 3DS Games without using any 3ds flashcard.

Why should your console with CFW to run Freeshop?

Freeshop is a Homebrew application which is not licenced by Nintendo, so to allow its installation on a Nintendo 3ds system handheld you need a Hacked, craked, jailbreaked 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/NEW 2DS XL console!

What is FreeShop for?

FreeShop is the app everyone would like to have. And yes this application allows you to install all the games of Nintendo eShop BUT FOR FREE !!!! FreeShop gives you access to all the dematerialized content of the Nintendo eShop, no matter it’s the EU / US / JP games or the game DLC.  Once installed and launched it will propose you the whole list of the Nintendo eShop and a simple click will allow you to install everything you want!

Disadvantages of using Freeshop:

  • Waiting for games to set in and it takes time.
  • Have room on your memory card, to store everything!
  • Have a 3DS / 2DS or New3DS / New2DS in CFW

User Guide: Setup FreeShop on 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS/2DS XL 11.6

1.install FreeShop by QR code

We will use FBI to install FreeShop via a QR code. For this you just need to be connected to the internet and launch FBI.

How to launch FBI on 3DS?

freeshop install1

Go to the “Remote Install” option

freeshop install2

freeshop install3

Choose the “Scan QR Code” option

freeshop install4

Scan the QR Code below to get the latest Freeshop version.

freshop qr code

You get this, if everything goes well. Accept the installation by clicking “A”

freeshop install6

freeshop install7

The installation starts and will be fast enough.

freeshop install8

When the installation is done, press any key and exit FBI. You can see that a new gift package is available and yes it’s FreeShop !!!!

freeshop install9

2.Configure FreeShop

Now FreeShop is installed, we just have to use it.

freeshop install10

Launch FreeShop and wait for it to load all its files.

freeshop install11

freeshop install 12

Once completed you can find the first page of FreeShop. You can see on the upper screen, a message indicating that “title keys” are missing. Press “A” to finalize the configuration.

freeshop install13

FreeShop needs some files on the SD card to work, you will have to turn off your console to add the necessary file to FreeShop. You need the file “encTitleKeys.bin” in the folder “SD / 3ds / data / freeShop / keys”, to enjoy FreeShop !!!

freeshoop install guide

Find the encTitleKeys.bin with google. Turn on your console and launch FreeShop again. At each startup FreeShop can update its file “encTitleKeys.bin” but for that, it needs the URL of the title key. For this, go to the icon “Notched wheel” then the “Update” tab.

Check the following options:

  • Automatic update of the title keys from the URL
  • Automatic update of freeShop

Click on the icon QR Code (red arrow).

freeshop install15

Scan the QR code below to register the update URL of the title keys.

freeshop install16

FreeShop has added the update URL for the title keys.

freeshop install17

You just have to restart FreeShop to take into account the latest games available on the eShop. You can now enjoy freeShop without breaking your head to search your games on the net.

r4i 3ds rts ntrboothax

That’s all you need to do for installing Freeshop, we omit the first step. that is setting up a CFW on your 3DS console. In 2018, the easiest way to install a Luma3ds/b9s CFW to any 3DS/2DS/NEW 3DS XL/2DS XL console is using a DS Flashcard to flash NTRboothax. So an ntrboothax compatible card is needed to buy, here we recommend the cheap R4i 3ds rts here. As for how to install CFW via using the R4i card, you can find tutorial here.

All in all, for playing free 3DS Games and Eshop games, if you can accept the above complicated procedure, the r4i 3ds card with ntrboothax compatibility is recommended to buy. Otherwise, if you are just a 3ds system console newbie, it’s much better for you to buy a plug&play 3ds flash card Sky3ds+ to play free 3DS Games with only 4 steps.

sky3ds+ setup 2018

  1. Format your Microsd card with the profer format option on your PC.
  2. Go to sky3dsplus.net to download sky3ds+ latest firmware to your PC, decompress the firmware, copy and drag the firmware.bin file to your sd card’s root folder.
  3. Go to Rom2station.com to download free 3ds roms, unzip the game file, drag and copy .3ds games to your sd card’root directory too.
  4. Insert sd card to the sky3ds+, put sky3ds+ back to your 3DS slot, now you can play free Nintendo 3ds games.