[Tutorial] The total user guide of SX Pro not working

Xecuter SX Pro for hacking Nintendo Switch is the hottest news on the market,  It is the easiest way for using Xecuter SX Pro to hack Nintendo switch and play free switch games currently. Many players have gotten their SX Pro in hand for switch hacking. But some players report that Pro dongle is not working. In this post, we will list some steps for fixing your SX Pro dongle.

Preparation of using SX Pro

  • Make sure your TX SX Pro dongle has a charge.
  • The recommended way to charge the dongle is to ONLY use the supplied micro USB cable and plug into a USB port on your PC.
  • The dongle only takes 5-10 seconds to charge.
  • The LED light on the Pro dongle should light up Green.

Steps to fix your SX Pro:

Step one:

  • Use a freshly formatted Micro SD card and place a new copy of boot.dat onto the root of the card.
  • If you already have an activated license, you can copy license.dat to the card as well.

Step two:

  • Next you need to make sure your switch is turned COMPLETELY OFF. If you have enabled AutoRCM in the past, it may be difficult to know if your switch is off.
  • The easiest way is to push the power button one time. Then wait for 10 seconds, then PRESS AND HOLD POWER FOR fix SX ProHow to fix SX Pro dongle 15 SECONDS
  • Your Switch should be completely turned off now.
  • Insert the jig and the Pro Dongle into the switch.
  • Hold the Vol+ button down and Press the Power button.
  • You should be greeted with the SX OS BootLoader Screen.

Step three:

  • When this screen shows up, this means your Pro Dongle is working fine. If not, then proceed to Step Four.
  • If you had issues booting up your switch previously, it could be that AutoRCM is enabled.
  • When AutoRCM is enabled YOU MUST HAVE THE PRO DONGLE INSERTED EVERY TIME YOU TURN YOUR SWITCH ON! (You could also send payloads from an external source such as PC, cell phone, etc…)
  • Touch the Options button.
  • If you wish to disable AutoRCM, then tap the Uninstall AutoRCM button. This way, your switch will boot to the stock OS every time, UNLESS you insert the jig and dongle and hold vol+ when you power up

Step Four:

  •  If your switch is not booting, then this could mean one of two things.
  •           1. The battery is dead in your Nintendo Switch.
  •           2. The Pro dongle is not working
  • Again, we need to BE SURE your switch is powered COMPLETELY OFF
  • Remove the jig and Pro Dongle
  • push the power button one time. Then wait for 10 seconds, then PRESS AND HOLD POWER FOR 15 SECONDS
  • Now plug in the charging cable that came with your Switch and leave it on the charger for 1 hour.
  • After 1 hour has passed, go back to step#3 and try again. If you have returned here again, read on to Step Five

Step Five:

  • Due to the possibility of a completely dead Switch battery, the next test would be to try this Pro dongle on a different Nintendo Switch.
  • There is no need to boot completely into SX OS, all you would need to do is get to the BootLoader Menu to confirm the dongle is working.
  • If you absolutely can NOT get the Pro dongle to work, then you will need to contact your reseller with any questions you may have about warranty.
  • If you are stuck at a black screen instead of seeing the BootLoader, then try sending THIS PAYLOAD using:

     [Windows] TegraRcmSmash

[Android] NXLoader

[Linux] fusee-launcher

The SX Pro works well?

One thing is certain: the product is successful. Quite honestly, I did not have big bugs on my side. I just note a small problem on the launch of one of my backups: 1-2 Switch (but it seems that the team is already working on the problem as they are very active because in a few days we already had the right to two updates of the OS). Otherwise, everything is very functional: we can leave a game, come back, switch his console to standby and then come back. Quite honestly, it’s pretty amazing when you see how well things are going. In reality, this does not change at all from a traditional cartridge because the OS “emulates” a cartridge. For this reason, you should not have any cartridges in the console to play your backups.

However, this product also has some flaws: it pays first (while the flaw is based on a public exploit all the same) while other teams are working on free solutions that should soon see the light of day. Then, you must systematically reconnect the dongle if you have completely turned off the console to restart the CFW (Custom Firmware) and it’s a shame. Note that there is an option in the options “Auto RCM” that allows precisely not to have to do this but it is still very unstable. The risk ? If your console turns off because it has no battery, you will not be able to charge it again or turn it back on. In short: we advise against it so much that it is not in focus! Do not take the risk. Otherwise, We do not see any other negative point so the product is successful.

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