Update SX OS license in v2.5.1, Xecuter Team New Year Gift 2019

Happy New Year to you all ! The very active Xecuter team just updated their CFW SX OS yesterday, January 2nd, the first game where people went back to work, well done! So now the sx os comes in v2.5.1 and it is bugs fixed. We’ve already tested it and how does it work? You have to install sx os v2.5.1 or wait for the next update.

These are the details of the news you need to know before you update.

Changelog official du SX OS v2.5.1 Beta

We hope you’ve all had a smooth transition into the year 2019. Your friends from Team-Xecuter would like to kick off the new year with a small update to SX OS.

  • LayeredFS compatibility fixes
    It appears we introduced a regression in “LayeredFS” support in 2.5.0. This affected certain game mods like fan translations. This has been tracked down and fixed!

  • Improved Internet Local Wireless Play
    Numerous stability fixes and improvements have been made to the Internet Local Wireless Play functionality.

  • Fixed false positive ‘corrupted’ message for installer
    The Switch software management menu has an option for verifying the integrity of installed titles. When using this functionality with titles that have been installed through our NSP installer you would always get a message saying the title data is corrupt. This was mostly a false positive as the installed titles worked fine.. but we’ve hunted down the root cause of this and fixed this cosmetic shortcoming for all new installs!

  • Add support for installing XCI
    You read it right, as of now you can also *install* titles that come in XCI format, just as you would be able to do for any content that comes in NSP format. This is useful for people who would like to access all of their games from the home menu screen instead of going through our menu. Of course you can still play XCI titles without installing as well!

Analysis of the update sx os 2.5.1

It seems a minor correction of bugs made on sx os license but you have understood the changes? Some players have already tested this new version and that’s what they said:

Compatibility fixes with LayeredFS

this is the most important improvement in the OS X2.5.1, but according to the tests, it is not a very successful correction, some games work below while others do not:

in 6.2.0 & New SXOS 2.5.1 Beta my mods are functional again while under SXOS 2.5.0 no mod were loaded at the launch of ZELDA BOTW

I had a Pokemon mod Let’s Go Pikachu, it does not work in SX OS 2.5.1 BETA and SX OS 2.5 BETA but it works on SX OS 2.4 BETA I tested.

Then I test a PATCH FR (English) of Valkyria Chronicles (the game is normally in English) my PATCH works in SX OS 2.4 BETA but does not work in SX OS 2.5.1 BETA and SX OS 2.5 BETA

We agree with PATCH and MODS under SX OS: Micro SD card: \ sx os \ titles \ ID-GAME \ romfs \ THE-FILE … After the game mod Zelda BOTW j ‘ did not test so that’s it

The layeredFS bug under 6.2.0 was not fixed with SXOS 2.5.1 Beta, but only for ZELDA BOTW its been correcting is that it has to evolve.

In short, they have fixed some things but it does NOT work with any games!

Improved local wireless internet game

We talked about the support Lan Play by the sx os v2.5 in our previous post, it is really a very interested feature and it is good that the group tx has continued to develop this function, but good so far nobody did not test it on sx os v2.5.1 beta. We will see more then.

Fixed false positive “corrupt” message for the installer.

Ben it is precisely a correction of the bug, it’s good and stay to test

Added support for installing XCI

The .XCI is the ultimate format for backups Switch (it can be used as a .NSP so we can directly install the backup in our Switch) and the .XCI can be launched without being installed we have the 2 choices. It’s still a practical function I think.

On this benefit, for my part it is better to stay in SX OS 2.4.1 pending news SX OS .

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