What is the best R4 3DS card for a 3DS or New 2DS v11.8?

As usual, Nintendo has released an update for the 3DS family consoles, the latest version 11.8.0-41 is out. It seems like it’s a regular update, but is it possible to crack the 3DS console? A flashcard, can it still work on a 3DS or New 2DS v11.8? Of course, as a most famous brand on the market, which R4 card is the best choice on a 3DS of the latest version?

What’s new in the latest version 11.8.0-41?

As you know, Nintendo continually improves the functionality of its consoles and services to provide the user with the most enjoyable and intuitive user experience possible.For the new update this time, it’s not a revolution. As usual, it’s just an improvement in console performance and other tweaks to optimize the user experience. As a result, only information can be seen on Nintendo’s official website.
The overall performance and security of the console have been improved and various minor adjustments have been made to maximize user comfort.
In short, the update will be offered automatically or when you want to use the eShop console.

Which flashcard can we use to play games on 3DS v11.8?

As everyone knows, R4 is a very popular brand on the market, there are many people who have enjoyed playing free games on Nintendo consoles a long time ago.

You can play free 3DS and DS games on Nintendo 3DS, New3DS XL, New2DS XL etc. For example, R4 3DS is one of the most popular R4 brand flashcards that can support DS and homebrew games on the Nintendo 3DS console. It is not a problem to run ROMs downloaded to the memory card with a 3DS flashcard. Of course most of R4 card can still support this new version, you could use them without any worries.

  • R4i sdhc 3ds rts
  • R4i gold 3ds plus
  • R4i gold pro 3ds
  • R4isdhc dual core
  • R4isdhc rts lite
  • R4i gold had 3ds
All flashcards can perfectly support the thousands of DS games on your 3DS with the latest version 11.8.0-41 and other console with a DSI firmware. If you would only like to play 2ds roms games, then a R4 3DS flashcard is always your best choice thanks to its good value for money. But what is the best choice?

A R4 card the most usentrboothd

There is no doubt that R4i SDHC 3DS RTS is the best choice. It is a most common R4 flashcard on the market, and it has many features: Real-time save, Real-time guide and User-cheat. It lets you play DS games on any console in the 3DS and NDS family. On the other hand, it’s really easy to use, only three steps:
  • Format your SD card
  • Download the latest kernel and place it at the root of your SD card
  • Copy and paste the games you prefer on the SD card
  • Finally, have fun.
Currently, this flashcard is also compatible with Ntrboot, so you can also completely crack your 3DS console with that. However, if you would like to install a CFW, the pre-flashed Ntrboothax flashcard is another good choice.

Ntrboothax for hacking 3DS V11.8

Ntrboot is a flaw in the system of the Nintendo 3DS family console, thanks to the discovery of exploits, you can completely crack the Nintendo 3DS. So far, there are three 3ds R4i b9s flashcards, R4i Gold 3DS Plus and Ace3ds X, which support both ds and ntrboothax backups.

For the three flashcards, they are pre-flashed with Ntrboot, it allows you to easily install the CFW 3DS on your console and reduce the risk of ban. So, a ntrboothax flashcard is a good choice for users who wanted to break their 3DS console. The first two are under the R4 brand, especially R4i-B9S, it has a good price quality ratio of all three.

R4i b9s
For R4i b9s, it’s a compatible DS / DSi flashcard that is pre-flashed by ntrboot, so you can easily install boot9strap and Luma3DS CFW to your New3DS XL, New3DS, 3DS or 2DS, New 2DS XL console.

  • Make 3DS / DS games work for free
  • Good value for money
  • Compatible with a latest 3DS update up to 11.8.0-41E / J / U.
  • Region free
  • No risk of being blocked by BigN
  • Play 3DS games in .CIA.

R4i Gold 3DS Plus
This flashcard has two modes supported here: DS mode and Ntr mode, ie it is both compatible with games ds and games 3ds. It allows you to play DS games and run the Ntrboothax. It is pre-flashed with Ntrboot, and you can choose to use it as a normal r4 card or use it for NTRBootHax by changing the position of the console.

  • NTRBootHax preflashed. You can use the flashcard as a standard R4 3DS or you can use NTRBootHax by simply changing the position of a switch, which is inside.
  • Make 3DS / DS games work for free
  • Compatible with Wood R4
  • Free Region
  • Support for the firmware update
  • Luma3DS CFW support popular
  • Micro SD support up to 32GB
  • No timebomb

In conlusion

In short, an update of the 3DS system does not have much influence for the players. If you would like to play free games on your console, that’s fine. R4 card is always a good choice, you can choose one of them, it depends on your needs. If you are a beginner, R4i sdhc 3ds rts is the best choice thanks to its simple use, of course if you are proficient in the computer, you can try to choose a Ntrboothax flashcard. On the other hand, do not forget to choose a reliable site to make a purchase, I propose you our site sky-3ds, we can offer the best service for you, it is always your choice.