What is the best R4 3DS card supporting DS games in 2018?

A console of the Nintendo 3DS family is still one of the most popular video game consoles on the market. Everyone knows, we can play free games with an R4 card, although there are more and more new 3DS games, several players who still wanted to enjoy DS games. But what is the best 3DS R4 card that can support DS games on a 3DS console? You can find an answer here.

Is it possible to run DS games on a 3DS console?

Yes of course. Indeed, DS games is designed for all these Nintendo DS consoles, but what is the difference between the consoles? The first Nintendo DS was released in 2005. Since then, new versions of the console have come out: the Nintendo DS Lite, the Nintendo DSi and the Nintendo DSi XL. Each console has different features but all allow you to play Nintendo DS games. With the development of technology, in 2011, Nintendo marketed the Nintendo 3DS, a brand new portable console with unique Nintendo 3DS games. That said, games designed for other Nintendo DS consoles are compatible with the Nintendo 3DS. As a result, you can play DS games on a 3DS console without any worries.

How to choose a flashcard to launch a free DS game on Nintendo 3DS?

R4 is a brand of the flashcard that has a long history in the market, R4 3ds is a revolution in the game world of Nintendo 3DS consoles, since more than 90% of 3DS players use a r4 3ds type card. In addition to its features that make it possible to run the DS games on the Nintendo console, especially its cheaper price is a very important element in the reputation of this card. But what is the best R4 3DS card?

R4 card compatible with 3DS


Currently, there is notable progress on this flashcard that I present to you is R4i SDHC 3DS RTS. Having all the functions of the traditional R4 flashcard and R4i SDHC 3DS, it supports Real-time save, Real-time guide and Real Time Cheat. Now, supported Ntrboot is another factor to celebrate.

  Real Time Save: Instant Backups

That is, it allows you to record the state of the game in progress at any point in the game. Then the player can immediately continue the game state and reload the backup file after a failed game or stop the console.

  Real Time Guide: Guide to the game in real time

Its real-time guide functions allows the user to read game tips immediately without worries. Of course you should add a file with the guide of this game.

  Real Time Cheat: cheating in real-time gameplay (supports .DAT format)

This is an instant cheat system, it can improve the cheat characteristics of players, you could activate the user cheat system at any time of the game. In addition he also supports cheat code to cheat during games.


It perfectly reads ROMs DS on Nintendo 3DS / 2DS / 3DS XL / New 2DS XL / New 2DS XL Ver 11.8.0-41 and DSi 1.4.5, also supports SENS / GBA emulators as well as homebrew or Moonshell 2.2. In addition, r4i gold pro can help you listen to music / MP3, read e-books, view photos and video with its integrated MoonShell 2.2. Of course, he is supporting the RTS function.

In fact, there are several flashcards that are on sale today, but the best known is the R4i SDHC 3DS and R4i Gold Pro.

R4 pre-flashed Ntrboot card

As you know, in addition to using an R4 card to play free games on our console, you can also install a CFW to completely crack your console. But how to do that? Now you need a flashcard that is pre-flashed Ntrboot.

Ntrboot is a flaw in the system of the Nintendo 3DS family console, thanks to the discovery of the exploits, you can completely crack Nintendo 3DS. So far, there are three R4i b9s 3ds flashcards, R4i Gold 3DS Plus and Ace3ds X, which support both ds and ntrboothax backups.

For all three cards, they are pre-flashed with Ntrboot, it’s easier for you to install the CFW 3DS on your console and reduce the risk of ban. So, a ntrboothax flashcard is a good choice for users who wanted to crack their 3DS console.

On the other hand, of course the three cards also support DS games. Especially Ace3ds X and R4i gold 3ds plus, they have two modes: DS mode and Nt mode. If you would only like to play ds games, you can button next to a ds mode. If to install a CFW, it’s easier than the other ways once you’ve used a pre-flashed Ntrboot flashcard.

The differences

  • Firmware: Both Ace3ds X and R4i 3ds plus flashcards use the WoodR4 kernel but the R4i b9s works with r4i-3ds v1.84b from r4isdhc.com.
  • Special feature: the Ace3ds X has a button to switch to two different modes, but R4i 3ds plus and r4i b9s do not have it.
  • Package Content: There is a free magnet in the package of Ace3ds X and R4i b9s, while the R4i gold 3ds plus does not offer it.
  • Price: Ace3ds X is the most expensive to buy while both, and the R4i b9s 3ds card is the cheapest.

In conclusion

In a word, all the cards that I present to you are the choices not bad for playing DS games on your console. Stability, instant backups, the frequency of firmware updates, etc. Several advantages allow them to be more and more popular on the market. Anyway, there are several choices, it depends on your needs if you would like to buy a flashcard. On the other hand, I am very happy to introduce you to our sky-3ds.com site, we have been selling flashcards and other video game assemoirs for a long time, you can find the various flashcards and enjoy the best service and fast delivery. All items here are under warranty, do not worry quality. Do not hesitate to buy from us later.