When will Gateway 3ds support 9.3+ as Sky3ds and Where to buy in Mexico?

Though Gateway 3ds is more and more poweful with region free, emunand, 3ds downgrade plus nowadays cheats code, the biggest shortcoming never removed. When will Gateway 3ds can support 3ds firmware higher than v9.2 like Sky3DS and Does the team mean to do that? Here, let me reply you.

When will Gateway 3ds support 3DS 9.3+?

gateway 3ds sky 10.3

I have to say, until an exploit for 9.3+ gets released publicly, GW team can do nothing about it. And I’m sure that they are probably interested in adding support for those firmwares (obviously means more money for them), so all you can really do is waiting until it happens. But don’t worry, if you hate waiting all the time, Sky3DS card is the remedy. Not liking the GW or CFW need to use an exploit for 9.3 to boot their mode, Sky3DS hack is special. It with retail game card similar ID info to cheat 3DS OS, so the card can run on 10.3, 10.2, 10.1, 10.0 to lower versions without any limitation. In my opinion, Sky3DS is the correct 3DS Flashcart you should buy for a long time.

Latest Comparison: Gateway with ultra 3.5.1 and Sky3ds version 2

Sky3ds version 2 Gateway Ultra v3.5.1
  • 3DS/3DS XL: v10.3 to v1.0
  • NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL: V10.3 to V8.x
  • 2DS: V10.3 to V6.x
  • 3DS/3DS XL: V9.2 to V4.1
  • NEW 3DS/NEW 3DS XL: V9.2 to V8.x
  • 2DS: V9.2 to V6.x
Price $88 $70
Game type 3DS Rom 3DS/3DZ Rom
New Feature Supports over 10 3ds games, removes game limits. Support cheats code.
  1. Download Diskwriter tool and the lateste template file
  2. Run Sky3ds Diskwriter to flash 3ds games into a micro sd/sdhc card
  3. Put Sky3ds with micro sd to 3ds/new 3ds console 
  1. 3ds v4.1 to v4.5: DS Profile Exploit
  2. 3ds v4.6 to v9.2: Website Exploit
  3. New 3ds: Game save Exploit.
Feature The flashcard supports 3ds game easily on 3ds/new 3ds console and with no firmware limitation! The 3ds game flashcard which is best in functions, but more difficult to use and has firmware limits!

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