where to download free 3ds roms for sky3ds

Where to download 3DS roms (games) for SKY3DS ? It’s a problem for new flashcart users. But you have many chocie infact. I will show you a few ways and reliable site to download the 3DS rom for SKY3DS. The 3DS Game rom also called 3ds game backup. The rom have two card type and with the xxx.3ds format. You can’t change a file to xx.3ds by simply changing the file name. I will show your the technology of 3ds roms and how to download from a few source.

1) What’s the different form card1 type and card2 type 3DS rom ?

The game use a “Card 2″ cartridge with a single NAND chipset to store both Game and Savedata, instead of using a “Card 1″ cartridge with an external EEPROM to store save data.That’s mean you can save the game savedata in the card2 3ds rom file.

Think that you download a game rom with the game save file or your backup the rom with game saveddata. when you next install or copy the game rom, you can start at the last point. But if you use the card1 type game rom, the game saveddata is made in the sd card. When you use the sky3ds or Gateway 3DS card, if have any setup or reset, or crashed, you must play the game at the beginning. If you have played the game for 200 hours, you must start at the beginning.

So if you use the card2 type rom, you can solve this problem,because the saveddata is store in the rom file.

2) Where to download the free 3DS roms for SKY3DS ?

This is very easy.
1) direclty download from rom sites.

rom2station is a private rom station, our site is the only sponsor. If you buy the card from our site. We will provide unlimited download seraial numbers. If you cant’ find the game on the rom2station, you can send email to the admin@rom2station.com the team will add the new game very soon. It’s the best place to get the rom. What’s more, their is no fuck advertising on the sites and the link is a directly download link, no jump.


2) Search on Google
3) Another good way to search 3DS roms

  1.   find the game rom at this site: http://3ds.essh.co/ get the release name
  2. search the release name on google.

4) If you still don’t know hwo to download 3DS roms. You can email us admin@sky-3ds.com to ge the rom.
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4) how to change the card1 type rom to card2 type ?

It’s very easy in fact,just need change some bytes in the 3ds game rom.

n addition, An archive backup tool named SDF is released recently. This tool only can be used for the form of games is the CIA and CARD 2 form while CARD 1 form cannot be backed up and the archive cannot be modified.
Before CIA released, People usually haven’t too big SD card. You only have to try to transfer the CARD 1 form to the CARD 2 form if you don’t want to buy SD card but want to modifiy the game or make the game not be retreated. Hex editor will be used to modify the form. Such as WINHEX. So below is the tutorial of how to transfer the CARD 1 game form to the CARD 2 games form by taking World Tree Labyrinth 2 for example.
You can easily use this tool to change.

download from here: https://app.box.com/s/61o8askc6ngjzs5uqlrgz440x6rltybn

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