Which flashcard can play Switch backups with Team xecuter’s flashcard SX Pro?

So far, Nintendo Switch has been completely cracked by Team Xecuter. With the advent of Xecuter SX Pro and Xecuter SX OS, you can play free games on Nintendo Switch, any version of the firmware. Still, if you want to play a new game, we have to search for it and download it from the internet, of course, it is not easy to find a resource for copies of free games. Do you know where the copies of the games come from? And how can we still play free games on Nintendo Switch?

Dumper Switch games to share copies

The secret of the video game cartridge

A video game cartridge is a case containing a ROM, a plug-in in a computer, a video game console or an arcade system. This ROM contains the software or code of the associated video game. As a safety measure, it had to include converters in all cartridges. Although other consoles, like PlayStation, used a different format, the optical disc, which from CD to DVD and today in Blu-ray, for Nintendo, has never stopped using cartridges. This type of cartridge, it has two advantages: the lack of loading time and the impossibility of piracy. It has more robustness, but a less voluminous reader

How to dump the cartridge Switch games?

A dump is a game file, maybe extensions in different formats, for example. XCI, 3DS, CIA etc. which contains a copied game. This file can be used as it is on a flashcard (Gateway, R5, Sky3DS …) or can be converted to work on your console by installing a CFW. Maybe it only needs a PC and a USB cable, but the dump operations of a game are not easy. In recent years, Nintendo has strengthened the security of its machines with many updates while actively fighting the commercialization of flashcards and other chips. To protect the file in the cartridge and fight piracy, each cartridge has its own certificate file, so if you want to dump a game from an original cartridge, you must not only dump the game, and the certificate file is also essential. The Nintendo console includes keys to protect the cartridge, but currently, the hacking group can hack keys and cartridge sets, even eshop games.

How to play free games downloaded on Nintendo Switch?

Although you have the possibility to download these games on the internet (at your own risk), is there no solution today to launch them on your console? Yes of course. It can be run on the Switch console using Xecuter SX Pro or SX OS.

Buy Xecuter SX Pro and OS

Currently, copies of the Nintendo Switch games provided by Team BigBlueBox that can be launched with the Team Xecuter hack solution, in the demonstration video provided by the team, are the backups of the BigBlueBox team used. It allows you to unload the cartridge from the Nintendo Switch on your SD card in .xci format.

As you know, an R4 or 3DS flashcard can reserve multiple game files, and you can insert it into the console, you can run it directly. However, Xecuter SX is a CFW operating system created by Team Xecuter, for example, Xecuter SX Pro, is an ultimate kit, including a USB dongle, a RCM JIG module and an OS software license. It allows you to play free games on your Switch, and it is compatible with all firmware versions and all regions. A change of the game in real time is also supported. In addition, it also has a powerful ability to help you install a homebrew on your console, perhaps in the future it will have more and more functions like the activities of the assignment. It’s not the same as the other free CFWs, it’s easy to use and there is no risk of ban and brick by Nintendo. Therefore, it is the best choice for you until today.

Wait for CFW Atmosphere

Compared to the hack via tool, the atmosphere hack is completely free, but it is not out yet, and it is expected to be available this summer. In the current version of the CFW atmosphere, it is impossible to launch game backups except for original ones. Certainly, it would advance in the scene to the future and the loader for free ROM will be added to the software. If you have the patience and do not want to pay a dime to play Switch games, the CFW Atmosphere is still a better choice, as CFW luma’s performance in the Nintendo 3DS scene.

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