Which is a safe r4 3ds game site and how to get free roms?

If you buy an R4 3ds or an R4i gold or any other R4 card and want to find out a safe r4 3ds game site online, please read our post here. Now, you already make a mistake and should do something to fix it.

Can R4i 3ds, R4i gold or any R4 card load 3DS Rom?


No, they can’t and never load 3ds roms on your any 3DS family handheld. Please keep in mind that the flashcard with R4 title, they are playing Nintendo DS games not the 3DS games. If you buy any of the following R4 cards, you can only play ds games and install emulator to play GB/GBC/SNES/NES/Other retro games.

  • R4I SDHC B9S
  • R4I GOLD PRO 2018/2017/20XX
  • R4ISDHC DUAL CORE 2018/2017/20XX
  • R4ISDHC RTS LITE 2018/2017/20XX
  • ACE3DS X

Then, what can you do if you already buy any of the flash cart? You have 2 options.

  1. Try your best to get touch with your flashcard seller as soon as possible, ask them wheather or not you can return it to get a 3ds game flashcard. Currenlty, sky3ds+ or sky3ds plus is the best 3ds flashcard. You would better buy it to replace the r4 ds flashcart.
  2. Though the above ds flashcards are not playing 3ds roms directly, most of them support NTRboothax, which is the currect easiest way to install B9S/CFW on any 3DS console to run FBI to play 3ds games with CIA format. In this way, you still can play Nintendo 3ds games with the flash card in your hand.

What’s the R4 3DS Rom and R4 3ds game site?

So R4 3DS Rom is not the Nintendo 3ds game rom, oppositely, it’s the NDS game rom, because the r4i 3ds card supports just DS games. R4 3DS rom or game site is the website for letting us download free Nintendo ds games. Also, attention that, when you download r4 3ds roms from any online site, ensure it is in NDS format, so your r4 3ds card can read and play it on the 3DS/NEW 3DS/2DS/2DS XL/DS machines.

Where to download r4 3ds games and how to get free roms?


Download nds roms from the Internet is easy, these game roms are easy to find online, cause the Nintendo ds games are very very old games, we can find many resource. Here, recommend you one r4 3ds game download site without login and ads, that is our Rom2station.com.

  • Site URL: http://rom2station.com/
  • Site Roms: It is including 1909 3ds roms and 4818 r4 3ds games.
  • Site User Guide: Input the keyword of a game in the searching box, choose the rom you want, click download button, copy and paste r4 3ds rom code to the samll window, the game will download to your PC directly.