Which is the best site to download Switch roms for playing freely?

Nintendo Switch becomes a hottest game console today, with the development of hack technology, we can completely crack the Switch by Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS to launch the free games on the console. As you know the latest version SX OS v1.5 is out, it can support switch games in various formats, but after you have already installed a CFW SX OS, where will you download the games? Today, you might find an answer here.

Nintendo Switch Game Roms

In video games, ROMs are files that fully contain a video game console such as Game Boy, Nintendo DS, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo 3DS etc. In short, it is a complete copy of an application. A ROM is a file-like game that is basically stored on a tape.

As you know, if you would like to play free games on your Nintendo Switch console, you should first find the rummy games that are dumped as a backup. And then, you can run the game files backups on your console. A dump is a file, maybe extensions in different formats, for example NSP, .XCI, .3DS, .CIA etc. which contains a copied game. Currently, the file format .XCI and .NSP are the two backups of the most popular Switch games. BigBlueBox, which is a group to hack the Nintendo games. this group prefers to research how to dump game files and how to play the dumped games on the switch. The secrets of the game cartridge protection system of the Nintendo Switch have been cracked by BigBlueBox team hackers.

Switch game formats

The .XCI file

For the Nintendo console, there are a lot of game formats, and for the Switch, the XCI format is available. That is, if you would like to play games on your Nintendo Switch, you should find and download a game that is in XCI format. In fact, various groups have relaunched tools to ROM dumper a cartridge of the Switch in XCI format, now with a Xecuter SX Pro and SX OS, everything is perfect to hack a console Switch. But please note that the file in .XCI format is quite heavy, so you need to prepare an SD card that has a powerful and large capacity, it is better almost 64 GB.

The .NSP file

With the release of the version of SX OS V1.4, we can very easily run free esho games in .NSP format on our Nintendo Switch. At first, SX OS V1.3 can support eshop NSP games, but it’s very complicated to do, especially for a beginner. With SX OS 1.3, it is possible to install NSP packages (titles available on eShop – Ed). But first, you should start and install a DevMenu using Pokémon Quest as a basic application (the titleID of the game used to launch the DevMenu is actually this game – Ed) but nothing forbids to use an eshop of title. Actuellemnt, you can play the .NSP games directly thanks to the improvement of SX OS V1.4.

Nintendo Switch Games On PC, Android & IOS?

This is the question that arises most of the time in gamer’s mind. This leaves the viewers thinking – Is PC, android or ios system powerful enough to execute this gaming console on it? Well, to your surprise, it is possible. There are softwares for desktop & mobile that are capable of playing previous versions of consoles like – Nintendo64, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and even Nintendo 3ds, if a system can handle these gaming consoles then don’t you think it can run switch games on it? Of course it can!

Now, you might wonder what can you use to play the these switch games on your PC, android or iphone. For this exact question, we have got the nintendo switch emulator, which can execute the switch games on your devices. The emulator has been built and launched just recently so it is still undergoing some developments. However, the emulator is pretty cool and can run the games at good fps without any lags and could also emulate almost any games.

Emulator Switch for PC

Until now, there are two emulators for Nintendo Switch on PC: Ryujinx and Yuzu. Both can allow you to run the games that are designed for the switch on a computer.

Yuzu is an open-source experimental emulator for the Nintendo Switch creators of Citra, and it is also a multiplatform program (Windows, Linux, Mac) that already runs home programs. It is possible to run some house games but the team says that no commercial game is emulated correctly.

Ryujinx is the second emulator of Nintendo Switch that is written in C #, like another Yuzu emulator, Ryujink will allow you to launch Switch games on your computer from a Windows or Mac system.

Switch emulator for an Android or IOS smartphone

The android version of the nintendo switch emulator has got pretty amazing features as well. It’s pretty much similar to the PC version of the emulator, the controllers are adjustable as you can customize the buttons that pops up on the display during the gameplay as you prefer, autosave feature is there, you can change the layout of the screen and more. Further, as its the mobile version emulator, there is the portability which is like carrying the actual nintendo switch on your pocket through your phone. However, the only downside is – you are not able to store much games on android due to its low storage capacity. Even though the switch emulator apk file doesn’t consume much storage size, the nintendo switch games does, so, if you have a phone with large storage capacity then you can store and play different games without any hassle.

Talking about the Ios/Iphone version of the emulator, it is almost the same as the android version except the installation part and the option settings. The android version of the emulator has got more options to customize from, however, there are few options on the ios version. Besides this, the gameplay, controllers, layout & everything else are the same. And as we said earlier, the best part about playing the emulator on mobile devices is the portability, which makes you experience the original nintendo switch gameplay on mobile.

Where to download free games for Nintendo Switch?

As you know, playing free games is the most important for many players. Indeed, it’s not complicated to download a free game for the switch. Of course you could search on google to find the resources, currently, I propose you some good sites to make a download:


Team Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018 and beyond!

xecuter sx os tutorial

SX OS is our revolutionary Custom Firmware for Nintendo Switch. Advanced users can purchase this software separately.

As you know, an R4 or 3DS flashcard can reserve multiple game files, and you could insert it to the console, you could run it right away, it does not support game hacking. Yet Xecuter SX is a CFW OS created by Team Xecuter, it for example, Xecuter SX Pro, is a utlime kit, including a USB dongle, a RCM JIG module and a license of the OS software. It allows you to play free games on your Switch, and it is compatible with all firmware versions and all regions. SX OS is a software license to install a CFW on your Switch console, it can run on any firmware version and region. Then it is compatible with the installation of Homebrews and the playback of backups of the game Switch on an SD card. Once you have successfully installed the CFW SX OS on the console, you could enjoy both free games and new Hombrew features. Using a CFW SX OS, you can easily boot into the normal firmware of the Nintendo Switch to enjoy your original games, and it also support an OFW to run the games.


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