Why Xecuter SX OS is the best solution for cracker Nintendo Switch currently?

Until now, Nintendo Switch is still the hottest product on the market. It has created a great commercial performance, it gives us great hopes for the future of new Nintendo consoles. With the launch of access of SX OS and Xecuter SX Pro by Team Xecuter, the Switch is finally cracked completely. Although it has several methods and CFW hacker Switch a few months ago, but why Xecuter SX OS is still the best solution now? You can find the answer here.

About the Nintendo Switch hack

As you know, since Nintendo Switch is launched on the video game market, hackers have found that it is possible to hack Nintendo Switch and install unofficial homebrew software and pirated games on the device. Because the console has a security flaw that can not be repaired, it is an exploit linked to the Nvidia Tegra chip installed in the console. The company Nintendo certainly can not already planned to deploy a patch that will correct this problem, because it is a problem of Tegra X1 developed by the founder Nvidia, it is an option that Nintendo had not obviously not planned. So nearly 15 million Switch consoles already used by players and leftovers still sold in the market, all will be hacked without limitation of system firmware.

How to crack the console of Nintendo Switch?

Although this feature is not available to all and it only serves NVIDIA developers, it still gave hackers some information to help them look for a method to hack Nintendo Switch. Therefore, we could install a CFW, a hombrew or other methods to crack Nintendo Switch. But all free means has a risk of ban, until the arrival of the products of “SX Family” created by Team Xecuter, a complete method is released in public.

With a little trick to crack the Switch

Up to hackers from a group named fail0verflow to find a method to hack Nintendo Switch, only with a small chip, maybe a needle or a paper clip, like a magnet to crack the 3DS console, you could insert it on the right Joy-Con rail, it is not even necessary to start the machine. And then, to inject the necessary code to the hack, it is indeed necessary to switch the mode RCM, then each of the hackers who reported the flaw seems to have his method to crack the switch. Indeed, it inspired the creation of Team Xecuter to create the ultimate kit Xecuter SX Pro.

Running a Linux on Nintendo Switch

By running the Linux system, Nintendo Switch becomes a tablet. Once the console is in RCM mode, it is necessary to install Linux on Nintendo Switch to execute the code to hack the Switch. It is a very complex process. And the hacker who creates this way does not offer a tutorial in detail, so it is not applicable to all players. This manipulation is not intended for the average user, there is a risk of breaking your console. In addition, the installation of Linux on the Switch is a first step, Linux on the console will allow to turn it into a makeshift tablet or media player. But as for the Switch game, one of our major concerns, players indeed can not know how to work the free games on the Nintendo console of Switch.

A CFW of Atmosphere to crack the Switch

Atmosphere is a free Nintendo Switch CFW to use but does not support a pirate games on Nintendo Switch. It has the ability to save and load games, save and run homebrew applications. CFW Atmosphere for Nintendo Switch is not ready yet. The future CFW Atmosphere-NX currently under development on Nintendo Switch will be an equivalent of what Luma3DS is on the Nintendo 3DS handheld console family. But unfortunately, as you can see, this solution is not totally end user, it is still experimental, it takes a little patience for it to be made more user-friendly, especially through a user interface or a homebrew worthy of this proposal. In addition, Atmosphere is “open source” and anyone can try it by uploading the source from github. It’s quite a free CFW.

In summary, these methods are not clear enough for most players and it’s not easy and safe enough to operate on the console Nintendo Switch, we can not foresee any risk at that time.

Why Xecuter SX OS is the best choice?

The benefits of Xecuter SX OS

  •    All supported games: With SX OS, you can play all your favorite games, only download the XCI Roms on the microSD card inserted into your Nintendo Switch.
  •    Powerful Compatibility: Using a CFW SX OS, you can easily boot into the normal firmware of the Nintendo Switch to enjoy your original games, and it also support an OFW to run the games.
  •    Great adaptability: SX OS is compatible with all Switch consoles, any firmware version, including the latest version 5.1.0
  •   Hombrew Launcher Support: With SX OS, you could install a hombrew on your switch in order to take advantage of other third party applications and function.
  •    Official Lifetime Support Service: The SX OS license and updates are free for life by Team Xecuter.
  • The most important reason we would like to choose SX OS is its good value for money. Although it is only a software license, actually, it is such an important program as a key to the switch hack. With it, you no longer need to buy the Nintendo Switch cartridges at a high price, and you will not need anything to make the change on the Nintendo Switch because it is complete with everything you need.

How to obtain the Xecuter SX OS license the fastest ?

The license of SX OS is a key to activate the function of CFW SX, so the license code is actually what we need. Actually, several users have owned the license and run the CFW SX OS perfectly on the switch. Allow me to introduce our SKY-3DS.COM site. SX OS is available in stock with us, once you have made the order, we could send you the license code in 24 hours by email. Do not hesitate to make a purchase from us, it is your best choice